Hazard Bag

Effective management and minimisation of biomedical and medical industry waste require proper identification and separation of waste materials. Proper handling and disposal of waste help reduce costs and environmental impact and protect the general public’s health. The ideal way to separate and identify biomedical waste is to sort it into coloured and coded Hazard Plastic Bags. These unique bags ensure proper waste disposal and prevent the spread of hazardous viruses and infections. Dispose of any bio-hazardous or infectious waste used in offices, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and emergency rooms. 

The Hazard Bag is manufactured using quality materials that keep the medical waste secure and separate from general trash and waste. With superior strength, tear and puncture resistance, and durability, these bags offer excellent waste management and disposal for healthcare and medical facilities. They come with biohazard symbols that indicate the contents of the bag. This makes it easy for waste management companies to identify and properly dispose of medical waste. 

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  • Available in various sizes, thickness and colours
  • Printing can be done in Flexo graphic
  • It is biodegradable in nature
  • Available in single flat bag only
  • LDPE and HDPE material