Granules Packaging Machine

Stream Peak’s Granules Packaging Machine packs and seals small granule products efficiently at high speeds. It is compatible with products such as; sugar, rice, tea, potato chips, ground coffee, snack food, other granular food, and other non-food products. Our machine is equipped with a volumetric cup dosing system, which enables packaging the powder-like substances automatically instead of packaging the powder by hand.

There are optional devices available to integrate with the machine for different product needs, such as;

  1. Finished Products Conveyor Hot Stamping Date Coder
  2. Gas-Flushing Device
  3. Perforation Jaw Feature
  4. Additional Bag Forming Tube
  5. Strip Packs Device
  6. Heavy Bag Holder
  7. Deflation Device
  8. Full #304 Stainless Frame

4 models available here for different bag types & width, please refer to the brochure for details and specifications.

  • Specially for small granule products
  • Efficient and high quality sealing & filling
  • Fully automated, hassle free
  • Volumetric cup dosing system, precise & effective
  • Reduce costs & time

Bag Styles: Pillow Bag / 3 Side Seal Bag / 4 Side Seal Bag

Bag Width: 30 – 190mm

Bag Length: 30-280mm

Product Characteristics: Granule

Dosing System Compatible: Volumetric Cup

Fillling Range: 1-20ml / 20-90ml / 22-220ml / 200-800ml (only for G420) by Option

Running Motion: Intermittent

Working Efficiency: 20-80 bags/min

Date Coding Can Be: Hot Stamping Coder

Options Available: Perforation, gas Flushing, Hot Stamping Coder, Strip Bags

Film & Reel: Max. Reel Width 400mm (15.75”)

Power & Voltage: 1.2KW, AC220V/50Hz to 2KW, AC220V/50Hz

Dimensions: Refer to Brochure

Machine Weight: 250 – 400kg

Granules Packaging Machine Product Brochure: Download