The auto bag magnum medical bagger is a validated medical pouch sealing system designed specifically for cleanroom use. The packaging machine offers a high speed of up to 40 bags per minute, utilising Tyvek® Poly or medical-grade paper roll stock.

Seamless Monitoring and Control

With an external port and a comprehensive control system, the bagging machine actively monitors parameters and triggers an alarm if any parameter exceeds the acceptable range. The bagging system can also communicate with a remote device for centralised monitoring.

This technologically advanced, versatile, user-friendly automatic packaging system can create chevron or straight seals on poly tubing and various materials. It provides fast-fill speeds of up to 70 bags per minute using polyethene tubing, and it offers easy adjustment of bag dimensions through the job storage feature and a touchscreen display.

High-Speed Medical Pouch Sealing System

The bagging machine also supports printing by integrating a thermal transfer printer. The operating system includes dedicated support and analytical screens to ensure optimal performance and maximum uptime. The autobag bagger is designed for fast-paced production companies, enabling seamless adaptation to constant production demands.

Validation Features

  • Fully validatable automatic bagging system for packaging medical devices in Tyvek® pouches
  • Controls and ports provide validation and calibrations of key sealing parameters
  • Pressure and temperature sensors trigger an alarm and stop operation when out of the preset band
  • Production data logs to document sealing parameters


Operating Features

  • Uses tubing in a simple-to-operate, low-maintenance design that provides lower material costs by forming pouches inline as they are filled and sealed
  • Constant heat 1/8″ wide straight seal bars or an option for a 3/8″ wide chevron and straight seal bar
  • Variable bag length enables the machine to package products of practically any length
  • Built-in interface port integrates counters, scales, and robotics for fully automatic packaging
  • The wide colour touchscreen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Adjustable loading position from vertical to slanted meets various packaging requirements
  • The 1-micron filter protects the pouch interior and contents from airborne particulate matter
  • Onboard memory stores multiple job data to recall at a later date


Maintenance Features

  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem-solving
  • Designed to minimise preventative maintenance costs


Safety Features

  • Low-pressure closing with an obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Designed to meet CE requirements
  • The speed with Rollstock: Up to 40 bags/min
  • The speed with Poly Tubing: Up to 70 bags/min
  • The speed with Bags on a Roll: Up to 100 bags/min
  • Bag Width: (min-max) 2″ – 12″ (51mm – 305mm)
  • Bag Length: (min-max) 3″ – 38″ (76mm – 965mm)
  • Bag Thickness: 1 – 5 mil
  • Control Panel: Color Touchscreen
  • Weight: 540 lbs
  • Electrical Requirement: 115 Volt, 20 Amps, 50/60 Hz
  • Air Requirement: 80 psi @ 10 CFM
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 37″ x 54″ x 37″ – 45″ (940mm x 1372mm x 940mm – 1143mm)

Auto Bag Magnum HS Med Automatic Bagger Product Brochure: Download

Printing Options

  • 2D UDI barcode printer to print text, graphics, and barcodes directly on tubing or bag
  • Thermal transfer printer for text, graphics, and barcodes

Product Loading Options

  • Bag open sensor
  • Standard, adjustable, accumulating or guaranteed open funnels for increasing packaging rates and automation
  • Increase the Seal Bar Pass-Through to 6.25” for bulky products
  • Add on an Articulating Load Shelf for superior seal quality with heavy products

Sealing Options

  • 1/4″ Wide Seal for increased seal integrity
  • 3/8” Chevron Seal Bar for easy open pouches
  • Seal Flattening system for a superior seal

Safety Options

  • When the PLC detects an error, an audible warning system alarm sounds, and the machine stops
  • Dual palm buttons must be pressed simultaneously for the machine to cycle
  • A light curtain prevents the operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed

Other Options

  • An adjustable hole punch puts a small hole in the bag, allowing excess air to escape
  • End of roll detector to monitor bag position
  • The low film sensor detects a bag in position and open
  • Air expeller to compress the bag and expel air before sealing
  • 230V 50/60 Hz operation
  • ISO 6 standards for cleanroom environments
  • Separate air entry for a separate air supply to blow open the bag
  • In-feed conveyors to help with kit packaging or product counting operations
  • Custom options for special packaging applications
  • Spare parts kits