Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger

The Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger is the ultimate automatic poly bagger for high speed, versatile, and reliable packaging. This machine is specially designed for safe operations and built with very few moving parts. This machine does not require any light curtains or double palm switches, providing unobstructed access to the open bag, allowing the packaging process to facilitate faster, reduce lifetime cost and improving uptime. The R3200 automatic bagger can cycle at speeds of up to 80 bags per minute using pre-opened bags on a roll. With the ability to run loads as small as 2” x 3” to as large as 16” x 32”, the standard R3200 bagger offers absolute flexibility. The larger R3200XL allows for using bags up to 22″ x 36″.

The Auto Bag R3200 can be equipped with various options, printers, and feeding devices, to maximize and automate your packaging process. The Auto Bag R3200 features a 1-year limited warranty extendable up to 5-years with our optional complete warranty.

Operating Benefits
  • 7” color touchscreen with user-friendly interface and clear prompts
  • PLC with job storage, batch counters, packaging statistics, and login-in levels
  • Built in self-help diagnostics for troubleshooting
  • Compact design takes up minimal footprint in the packaging area
  • Standard operating height of 34.5” (4 height settings – 30.5”, 32.5”, 34.5”, 36.5” )
Set-Up Benefits
  • Utilizes Rollbag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll for quick bag size changes and easy set-up
  • Use with poly tubing (optional), for lower material costs and ability to set bag length on the fly
  • Interface ports to integrate counters, scales, and robotics
  • Adjustable height load shelf (optional) to support the bag during packaging
  • Ceramic heating element for fast start-up
Maintenance Benefits
  • Off the shelf modular components for easy replacement
  • Remote networking capability for improved troubleshooting
  • Self-diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Quick service access to all pneumatic and electrical components
  • Comprehensive 5 year warranty (optional) which includes consumable parts & labor
Safety Benefits
  • Low pressure seal bar closing with obstruction detection
  • Low power consumption design (1800 Watts)
  • Safety cover protects access to the seal bar (when using a funnel)
  • CE compliant design for improved safety and troubleshooting
Model Auto Bag R3200
Automatic Bagger
Auto Bag R3200XL
Automatic Bagger
Speed Up to 80 bags/min Up to 80 bags/min
Bag Width 2″ – 16″ 5″ – 22″
Bag Length 3″ – 32″ 5″ – 36″
Bag Thickness 1 – 5mil 1 – 5mil
Seal Bar Opening Up to 6″ Up to 11″
Electrical Requirement 120V @ 15A 120V @ 15A
Air Requirement 80psi @ 5CFM 80psi @ 5CFM
Warranty 1 year limited warranty,
extendable up to 5 years
1 year limited warranty,
extendable up to 5 years
(W x D x H)
34″ x 44″ x 38″ – 44″ 45″ x 60″ x 46″ – 54″

Auto Bag R3200 Automatic Bagger: Download