Blood Temp 10

The Blood Temp 10 temperature packaging indicator is a simple quality assurance tool for blood temperature, accurately monitoring the temperature of Blood Bags during storage and transit. If the temperature breaches 10°C, the temperature indicator will visually alert handlers.

Before activation, Blood Temp 10 is inert. They can be shipped and stored at room temperature and do not require special storage. Activate at room temperature. Activation is only possible when the ambient temperature exceeds the specified threshold temperature. Blood Temp 10 has two windows: an activation window (yellow before activation) and a breach window (white before activation).

When activated, a green activation line appears in the yellow activation window and fills the window until it is entirely green. The breach window will remain white. By removing the adhesive liner on the back, Blood Temp 10 can be applied directly.

Blood Temp 10 will continuously monitor temperature once activated. When the core temperature of the blood bag for Blood Temp 10 exceeds 10°C, an immediate indication of temperature abuse is recorded. The arming window indicator will remain green, but the breach window indicator will turn blue. The breach window is irreversible and cannot be modified or reset.

  • Improve Compliance

It promotes accountability during transport.

  • Easy to Use

Blood Temp 10 is activated with a simple button push compared to other similar products.

  • Save Blood

It removes the ambiguity of temperature abuse and safely returns stock.

  • Cost-effective

No other consumables or storage costs are necessary. Reducing the loss rate by 8% and a conservative 25% reduction doubles the return.

  • Save Time

No preparation, preheating or temperature-controlled storage – ready to use from ambient.

The Blood Temp Temperature Indicator complies with all FDA and AABB requirements: FDA CFR600. 1 5 (a) for monitoring blood temperature. FDA 510(k) #BK150289. Please watch our video to learn more about our temperature indicators.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to interpret
  • Irreversible evidence
  • Aids in compliance with regulatory guidelines

Blood Temp 10 Product Brochure: Download