ShockWatch Companion Label

The ShockWatch companion label is a warning symbol to convey to others that the packed product is being monitored throughout the shipping. The impact label also comes with instructions on what to do if mishandling occurs, helping to prevent and reduce the damage of goods during transportation. For applications, the ShockWatch Companion Label should be attached to the outside of the packaging together with a shocking sticker.

ShockWatch Tape

The ShockWatch Tape is a visual reminder indicating the shipping package is fragile and being monitored. It is usually recognised with bright colours and includes different warning words like ‘Handle With Care”, and “Caution”. it is also reflective to ensure that the message is visible from a distance and in the dark. An alert tape is a primary tool for indicating a potential risk and preventing any untoward situation of the product’s packaging during shipment. During the packaging process, the Alert Tape should be placed outside the packaging.

Shock Sticker

The Shock Watch alert sticker is used to deter mishandling and significantly reduce product damage costs. It helps to indicate if the packaging of goods has been exposed to a damaging impact during transit. The shock sticker is tamperproof and can withstand any non-operating shock specifications that the product may have. The sticker offers an economical solution to prevent product damage during product transit. During the packaging process, the impact sticker is placed on the outside of the packaging.