Electronic humidity indicator plugs are an alternative to traditional humidity indicator paper that relies on a visible colour change. The conventional humidity indicator paper has a limited indication range of 10% to 70% relative humidity, with a specified ambient temperature and tolerance range.

The electronic humidity indicator uses a polymer humidity sensor and temperature sensor to digitally display relative humidity, ambient temperature, and dewpoint readings. The electronic indicator has a robust IP67 enclosure, membrane press switch, and optional thread mounting or bulkhead flange fixing. The battery life of the electronic humidity indicator is typically around five years.

  • Operational battery life of about 5 years​
  • Monitors relative humidity and dewpoint simultaneously
  • Option to activate three readings shown in sequence
  • Capable of logging greater than 500,000 data set entries
  • IP55 protection rating
  • Rechargeable internal lithium polymer battery
  • Max and Min readings
  • Low battery indicator
  • WiFi connection indicator
  • USB port for recharging
  • Supplied with wall bracket and USB cable

Electronic Relative Humidity Indicator (BLD10373 – 5)

A humidity, temperature, and dew point display unit allows simultaneous monitoring of all three readings. The electronic indicators that come in different threads have a polymer humidity and temperature sensor to display digital readings. By using the membrane press switch, the readings are activated in sequence. The device has an operating range of 5% to 90% R.H., -20֯֯°C to 15֯°C dew point, and -20°C to 60°C temperature and can withstand pressures up to 80 psi. The recorded data is stored for over six months, with the option for data logging available upon request. The operational battery life is typically around five years.

Dewpoint Checker

The Dewpoint Checker is a monitoring tool that enables accurate dewpoint measurements inside the equipment. It uses a polymer humidity and temperature sensor to ensure precise dewpoint measurements. The device features two coloured lights to indicate dewpoint values below -25°C and -40°C, respectively. It also includes a third light to indicate battery status.

WiFi Temperature and Humidity Data Logging Sensor

The temperature and humidity data logger measures and monitoring readings remotely. With a high degree of accuracy of ±0.3°C / ±0.6°F (5°C to 60°C/41°F to 140°F) and ±2.0% R.H. (20 to 80% R.H. @ 25°C), this logger is ideal for applications such as environmental and weather monitoring, agricultural and livestock, food and drink, building and site monitoring, and HVAC. The device is designed to stream data wirelessly over any WiFi network, allowing easy access to the readings from a P.C. using the free software available for download or on the cloud.