Temp Tracer

Stream Peak’s Temp Tracer is a reliable and accurate tracker that reads and records the surrounding temperature. In addition to recording temperature data, our Temp Tracker enables real-time temperature updates for efficient tracking and analysis.

Why Do You Need the Temp Tracer?

Temperature-sensitive goods such as food, electronics, and more are hard to ship as it is hard to maintain the ideal environment throughout transit. Exposure to temperatures outside the product’s acceptable range will cause the product to degrade and affect its quality or damage. Proper packaging is required to control the temperature levels for the product to maintain consistency in the environment, temperature, moisture, and humidity levels. Stream Peak offers various packaging solutions to meet these specific needs and ensure a smooth shipment.

In addition to taking precautionary measures to ensure the product is well packaged and sealed into an ideal environment, it must remain consistent throughout transit. The temperature and humidity levels are checked, monitored, and controlled to provide the perfect environment. Thus, temperature recorders and data loggers are available to aid in this packaging process. Stream Peak offers a wide variety of temperature and humidity indicators.

Stream Peak’s Temp Tracer

Stream Peak’s Temp Tracer is a measuring instrument that functions as a data logger used in shipping. Small, compact, and lightweight, 62mm x 39mm x 1.5mm in size. Our Temp Tracer operates with a mobile application in which data recorded will be transferred to the mobile application through Bluetooth. The transfer enables convenient and efficient data analysis and takes precautionary steps and measures should the temperature and surroundings of the sound change.

The Temp Tracker records data with details such as time intervals, the temperature recorded, date, period, and delay. The application allows the user to export the data for reporting or analysis through various platforms such as Gmail and YouTube. The information is available on multiple platforms, through the cloud, email, and phone. When the phone is close to the tag, the tag will start to transfer the data conveniently and efficiently. With real-time data, should anything occur, actions can be taken immediately, reducing the chances of product wastage and additional costs. With the Temp Tracer, workers can take action when unforeseen circumstances occur, ensuring product quality and successful shipments.

  • Convenient & Easy to Use

Our Temp Tracer is designed to have an NFC and intuitive user interface, enhancing user experience and making it easy to use. It is made to be standalone hardware; it can operate on its own without any additional equipment. Easy to use, place the Temp Tracer in the desired location to track and let the Temp Tracer do the rest. The data can easily be transferred to multiple locations, enabling convenient data recording and sharing.

  • Accurate & Effective

Stream Peak’s Temp Tracer has high-temperature accuracy with a wide measurement range of -20ºC to 65ºC, with a ±0.5ºC accuracy. It records the temperature every 10 minutes and has a lifespan of over two months.

  • Reusable & Eco-Friendly

The Temp Tracker is made of environmentally-friendly properties and is reusable, reducing waste costs.

  • High Storage Space

The small Temp Tracer can store more than 15568 events in the interval.

  • Flexible & Versatile

Temp Tracer has a bending radius of 2.5cm and is small in size, able to fit into multiple types of packaging. Applicable to a wide variety of products such as Cold Chain Packaging, Pharmaceutical, chemical products, Vaccine Transportation, Bio Lab products, and much more.

Ensure goods are well secured and protected during shipping with Temp Tracer. Ship them without worries, knowing they are in the ideal environment. Contact us for more information now!

  • Convenient & easy to use
  • Accurate & effective
  • Reusable & eco-friendly
  • High storage space
  • Flexible & versatile
  • NFC interface
  • Long lifespan of 2 months
  • Flexible label type

Temp Tracer Product Brochure: Download