The pneumatic strapping tensioner utilizes compressed air to apply tension to woven polyester and composite straps. The tensioner can strap up to 800 KG/F by incorporating a strapping cutter knife. It is ideal for tensioning straps up to 32mm in width.

Secure Load Fastening

Designed to make the tensioning process faster, more efficient, and less physically demanding than manual tensioners, pneumatic strapping tensioners consist of a motor or piston generating the required tension.

When activated, the tensioner applies consistent and uniform tension to the strapping, ensuring a secure and tight fit around the cargo. The tensioning level can be adjusted to meet specific strapping requirements.

One of the advantages of this pneumatic strapping tensioner is its speed and power. It can quickly achieve higher tension levels, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications or situations requiring large strapping volumes. Additionally, the tensioners provide reliable and consistent tensioning, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring load stability during transportation.

High Tensioning Capability

Pneumatic strapping tensioners offer a time-saving and efficient solution for securing loads with strapping, providing secure packaging and minimizing the risk of shifting or damage during transit.

An air compressor or a compressed air source is necessary to operate a pneumatic strapping tensioner. This tensioner can be used in industrial settings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and shipping facilities where efficient and reliable strapping is essential.

  • Strapping belts from 9mm to 32mm in width
  • It can be used for woven polyester strapping
  • Can be used composite strapping belts for 9-32mm width
  • The strong, bi-directional pneumatic motor pulls up to 800 KG/F
  • A strapping cutter knife is included in the tool
  • The blade is made from special hardened steel
  • Size: 32mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg

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