Leverage Tensioners, also known as pry bar tools, are a type of strapping tensioner tool that utilizes a leverage mechanism to apply tension to composite straps or woven lashing belts. It is designed to make the tensioning process easier and more efficient by utilizing leverage to generate higher tension with less effort.

Strapping Tools for Load Stability

This tensioner is manually operated and requires physical force to tighten the strapping. The leverage mechanism amplifies the applied force, making achieving the desired tension level easier.  The leverage tensioner consists of a handle or lever and a gripping mechanism that holds the strapping in place. The tensioner pulls and tightens the strapping by applying force to the lever, ensuring a secure and tight fit around the cargo.

Leverage tensioners can be used in applications requiring moderate to high tension, such as securing heavy loads or bundles. They can take up to a width of 25 mm and are suitable for tensioning round bundles. Leverage tensioners ensure proper tensioning of strapping material, enhancing load stability and minimizing the risk of shifting or damage during transportation.

  • Pry bar tool designed for manual tensioning
  • Leverage mechanism for high tension with less effort
  • Manual operation for tightening
  • Secure grip with handle/lever and gripping mechanism
  • Suitable for moderate to high tension applications
  • Handles strapping widths up to 25mm
  • Enhances load stability and prevents shifting or damage
  • Size: 32 mm (1 1/4″) x 425mm
  • Weight: 1.5kg

Tensioners Product Brochure: Download