Battery-operated strapping tensioners are used for applying tension to the composite straps or woven lashing belts conveniently and efficiently. They eliminate the need for manual force by utilizing battery power to tighten and secure the strapping around the cargo.

Secure Load Fastening

These tensioners feature a motorized mechanism that automatically pulls and tensions the strapping, ensuring a tight and secure fit. They are equipped with rechargeable batteries, allowing cordless operation and increased mobility during strapping.

Battery-operated strapping tensioners provide consistent and reliable tensioning, reducing the risk of human error. They are also faster and more efficient than manual tensioners, improving productivity. They are suitable for various strapping widths and handle different types of materials. The tensioner can tension 600 up to 1000 container straps per charge.

Automatic Strapping Tightening

These tensioners can be used in applications where a significant amount of strapping is required, such as in warehouses, distribution centres, or industries involving heavy packaging and shipping. The load securement provides a convenient, time-saving solution for ensuring load stability and preventing shifting or damage during transportation.

  • Features a wind and rewind function with an integrated belt cutter
  • Cutting-Edge Lithium-Ion Battery Technology for Superior Performance
  • Extended Usage: Lasts for a minimum of 600 up to 1000 pulls per charge (80% battery level after 600 pulls)
  • Rapid Recharge: Fully recharges in just 1 hour using included external power supply
  • Robust and Ergonomic Design for Heavy-Duty and Long-Lasting Use
  • Powerful Tensioning: Pulling force of up to 850 KG/F (battery capacity reached 35% at 750 KG/F)
  • Integrated Belt Cutter for Easy and Quick Strapping Removal
  • Product Size: 32mm
  • Weight: 5.7350 KG
  • Battery type: Panasonic Lithium Ion 5-S
  • Voltage: 18-21 Volt / 8,7 Ah
  • Dimensions: 440 x 110 x 125 mm
  • Rotation: 12,7 Rpm ( left and right )
  • Speed: 170 cm/min
  • Pull strength at 100% battery capacity: 856 daN
  • Pull strength at 50% battery capacity: 835 daN
  • Pull strength at 30% battery capacity: 758 daN

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