Strapping Band Dispenser

The lightweight Strapping Band Dispenser comes with an adjustable (in height) handlebar to allow handlers to the handler with ease. The heavy-duty roll Strapping Band Dispenser is highly durable and fits almost all standard strapping belt coils. As it features a double ball-bearing centre, the strapping belt coils are turned quickly and smoothly. With this practical dispenser, the roller bearing strap makes it possible to use rolls of straps of different sizes and carry out packaging work quickly. Goods of various sizes are packed in just a few easy steps. The packaging solution considerably increases warehouse users’ efficiency as the packing station is movable. If the goods to be sealed are too big or bulky to be transported easily, the packing station comes to the commissioned goods.

  • Adjustable height
  • The double ball bearing centre allows coils to turn smoothly and easily

Available Models:

  • Dispenser Cart I
  • Dispenser Cart II
  • Dispenser Stand
  • Dispenser “MOVE”
  • ECO Cart Dispenser

Strapping Band Dispenser Product Brochure: Download