Helps Support Goods as they are Lifted

Further aid in storage efficiency

Pallets provide a stable platform to support goods when lifted by a forklift, crane, or other vehicles. It is also known as a skid, which is a flat transport structure. The packaging material is used as a base to support goods in the supply chain by a front loader, a crane, or a forklift. The Pallet serves as a structural foundation of a unit load. Placing shipping containers or packed goods on a Pallet allows businesses to protect them from damage together with a high-quality polymer shrink wrap material, like HDPE. Skid plays an essential role in the transportation of products. One Pallet is typically able to handle a load of up to 1,000 kg. 

  • Improves Efficiency in Transportation

Pallets create convenience during transportation by enabling more miniature goods, making tracking easier. Items stacked are used with various pallet protection tools to ensure that products are secured and fixed to prevent movements. It is also available in different shapes and sizes, making lifting and stacking using equipment such as forklifts easier.

  • Protect Goods during Shipping 

Using Pallets together with Pallet protection tools such as gusseted tubing and Pallet wrap guarantees that assets are tightly secured. This process prevents movement during transit, resulting in damage caused by individual items’ knocks and bumps.

  • High Durability and Strength C

Compared with other tools such as cardboard boxes, Pallets are more durable, allowing a large quantity of heavier goods to be stacked without breaking. Furthermore, its elevated feature ensures that items are free from contact with dirt, debris, and water.

  • Reusable and Recyclable 

Pallets can be reused multiple times throughout the supply chain before becoming tattered and worn out and sent for recycling. It is entirely recyclable regardless of the material. It can be melted down when made of plastic/metal material or be burned, shredded, or used for other purposes for compost when made of wood, making Pallets a go-to load securement solution for environmentally conscious owners.