Edge Protector For Shipping

Edge Protectors are essential when shipping products that need extra protection. They are designed specially to protect the edges of goods shipped, especially when the goods are being strapped. These edge boards are made of high-quality and reusable panels. They are offered in a range of surfaces such as Bio Kraft, HS (heat-sealed), printed, and self-adhesive, with Bio or heat-sealed qualities suitable for each requirement, preventing damages to transportation. Edge Protectors are commonly used in steel, aluminium, doors, windows, electronics, and consumer goods.

Bio Kraft (Cold Lamination)

The Edge Protector is laminated with water-soluble glue under high pressure, producing a highly stable profile element.


This Edge Protector is well-protected against moisture and dampness. It provides stability even with significant fluctuations in moisture levels.


Customisation in print, such as printing company names, logos, and advertisements, are available.


A strong adhesive makes the packaging process much more manageable.

 A mm  B mm  C mm  D mm
 50-60000  35  35  BIO 2-6

HS 1-6

 40  40
 45  45  BIO 2-8

HS 1-8

 50  50
 60  60
 80  80
 100  100


Sizes Available:

 B x C (mm)  A (mm)  D width (mm)
 35 x 35  1000  3
 50 x 50  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  4
 60 x 60  1000  6

Edge Protector For Shipping Product Brochure: Download