Lashing Belt

A lashing belt is used to secure two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner.

While Strapping is the process of applying a strap to an item to combine, hold, reinforce or fasten it, Lashing is the arrangement of rope or belt used to secure two or more items together in a somewhat rigid manner. Commonly applied to timber poles, container lashes are commonly used to hold cargo units together.

The Polyester Woven Textile lashing belt is an economic and easy to handle alternative to conventional tension belts or wooden crates for load securing. It ties the goods together and fixes them on suitable carriers. By pairing it with the metal buckles and composite strapping, your cargo will be secured throughout transport.

The woven lashing belts are available in two colours – white and orange. They are supplied in bulk coils, cartons, or in our dispenser bag.


  • High tensile strength
  • Easy handling with dispenser bag
  • Certified by Germanischer Lloyd
  • Superior resilience, low elongation
  • Combinable with other cargo securing systems – i.e. dunnage bags
  • Alternative to expensive ratchet straps and bulky binding wires
  • DB approved available width 32mm to 50mm
  • Linear breaking strength available from 2000 to 7500 daN
  • One-way strapping for securing (lashing) on flats, rail, and in containers
  • No risk of injury for shippers and consignees in using or opening strapping
  • Different colours and printings available

Applications: To secure two or more item together, to hold cargo unit together

Commonly applied to timber poles

Lashing Belt Product Brochure: Download