The NEPS1000 Dual Voltage is a portable nitrogen purging system that facilitates easy and efficient dry gas purging. Equipped with moisture-adsorbing molecular sieves, its self-contained pump safeguards equipment from moisture, rust, and corrosion, making it highly suitable for field and workshop environments.

Humidity Monitoring and Moisture Control

The purging system features a dewpoint monitor that accurately measures the dryness of the gas before purging. By utilising the dewpoint stat feature, users can assess and control the moisture levels within their equipment. The dewpoint monitor conveniently displays degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements and pressure readings in Kpa or psi. Furthermore, optimised gas and purging procedures ensure seamless operations and effective production control.

The NEPS1000 Dual Voltage is equipped with four built-in leak testing capabilities that rigorously verify the sealing standards of the equipment. Its flexible pressure testing capabilities can operate within a wide range of pressures, spanning from 10.3 Kpa (1.5 psi) to 34.4 Kpa (5.0 psi).

Automatic Dewpoint Control and Gas Isolation

The purging system offers a precise pressure leak rate display resolution of 0.01 psi. For added convenience and efficiency, users can include a removed dewpoint sensor that actively monitors the progress of dewpoint dryness. Once the desired dewpoint is attained, the system automatically shuts off and isolates the dry gas, ensuring optimal purging outcomes.

The NEPS1000 Dual Voltage accommodates global country voltages and frequencies, ranging from 100 to 230 VAC at 50-60 Hz. A 24VDC version is also available, expanding its compatibility across diverse power systems. This versatility positions the NEPS1000 Dual Voltage as an ideal solution for various applications, including optical instruments, image intensifiers, thermal imaging, underwater equipment, electronic housings, and surveillance instruments.

  • Fully self-contained for portable use
  • Easy to use Single Connection Purging
  • Dewpoint and Pressure Readout
  • Remote Dewpoint Sensing Option
  • Dewpoint Stat Gas Control
  • Dewpoint display from -80°C to 20°C
  • Portable and robust
  • User-programmable
  • Automatic purging operation
  • Maintainable online
  • NATO approved
Display Range Pressure 0 to 34.4 Kpa (0-5.0 psi)
Display Range Dewpoint (Selectable)
+20ºC to –80ºC dewpoint
+68ºF to –94ºF dewpoint
Resolution 0.1ºC dewpoint
Accuracy +/- 2ºC dewpoint
Data Output Pressure 0 – 5 Volts
Data Output Dewpoint 0 – 5 Volts
Power 1 100-230 volt 50-60hz
Power Consumption 3 amps
Power 2 24 VDC
Power Consumption 3 amps
Dimensions 490W x 425D x 190H (closed)
Weight 15 kilograms
Ingress Protection IP54 (Closed Case)
Operating Temp -10ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temp -50ºC to + 65ºC
Flowrate (typical) 20 litres per minute

Nitrogen Purging System 1000 Dual Voltage (NEPS1000) Brochure Final: Download