The NEPS1000 Advantage purging system enhances nitrogen to safeguard sensitive equipment and machinery against moisture, rust, corrosion, and mould damage. The system automatically adjusts the nitrogen flow using precision sensors to maintain the desired relative humidity level within the sealed environment.

Enhanced Moisture Protection

The purging system supplies dry nitrogen by connecting the dry gas source to the inlet connection and the equipment port, effectively protecting electronics, optical systems, and high-voltage laser systems. Before commencing the purging operation, users can verify the dryness of the gas using the dewpoint monitor, guaranteeing adherence to quality control requirements.

With its four in-built leak testing capabilities, the NEPS1000 Advantage facilitates easy verification of the equipment’s sealing standard. The system precisely displays the pressure leak rate, boasting a resolution of 0.01 psi. Pressure testing can be conducted from 10.3 Kpa (1.5 psi) to 34.4 Kpa (5.0 psi).

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

The dewpoint stat feature accurately determines the moisture content within the equipment, allowing for the implementation of optimized gas and purging procedures to ensure efficient production control.

Constructed with durable stainless steel, the NEPS1000 Advantage demonstrates resilience in harsh environments. Furthermore, it is compatible with global country voltages and frequencies, operating seamlessly between 100 and 230 VAC at 50-60 Hz.

  • Easy to use single connection purging
  • Dewpoint and Pressure Readout
  • Remote Dewpoint Sensing Option
  • Portable and robust
  • User-programmable
  • Automatic purging operation
  • Dewpoint Stat Gas Control
  • Dewpoint display from -80ºC to 20ºC
  • Maintainable online
  • NATO approved
Useable Gases Air, Nitrogen, SF6, Helium, Argon
Selectable Pressure Ranges 10.3 Kpa (1.5 psi)
17.2 Kpa (2.5 psi)
34.4 Kpa (5.0 psi)
Display Range Pressure 0 to 34.4 Kpa (0-5.0 psi)
Display Range Dewpoint (Selectable)
+20ºC to –80ºC dewpoint
+68ºF to –94ºF dewpoint
0.1ºC dewpoint
+/- 2ºC dewpoint
Data Output Pressure 0 – 5 Volts
Data Output Dewpoint 0 – 5 Volts
100-230 volt 50 hz – 60 hz
Power Consumption
3 amps
490W x 425D x 190H (closed)
12 kilograms
Ingress Protection
IP54 (Closed Case)
Operating Temp
-10ºC to +50ºC
Storage Temp
-50ºC to + 65ºC
Proof Pressure
input 137 Kpa (20 PSI)
Flowrate (typical)
20 litres per minute

Nitrogen Enhanced Purging System 1000 Advantage Product Brochure: Download