Art Sorb

A Humidity Controller is specially designed for artwork, artefacts & cultural assets. It is a moisture-sensitive silica material that adsorbs and desorbs moisture to maintain constant humidity in a sealed environment. Art Sorb can sustain a stable high relative humidity due to its vast interior surface and ability to absorb and emit water vapour from the surroundings. It also has lithium chloride as an additive, which allows it to reduce humidity in high-humidity conditions. The entire humidification procedure is completed without any abrupt fluctuations in moisture levels.

Climatic temperature and humidity changes can degrade art and historical artefacts over time, causing colour fading, cracking, and deformation. Although air conditioning mitigates the effects of heat and humidity, a stable microclimate is still required to preserve artworks and artefacts. The Humidity Controller minimizes fine art pieces’ deterioration and history from climatic fluctuations, protecting heritage items for future generations.

Art Sorb Humidity Controller vs Silica Gel

Ordinary silica desiccants only take in moisture, resulting in an overly dry environment that is not optimal for precious artworks. Able to react fast enough to humidity changes, the Art Sorb Humidity Controller provides precise humidity control in environments between 40 – 70% relative humidity.


The Art Sorb Humidity Controller can be used in display cases and performs best when airtight. Use a heat shield to block the light or place it outside the box when there is a heat source. This humidity controller must have adequate air contact to be effective while being airtight and spread out evenly. It must not be in connection with the artefact.

Depending on the environment, the longevity of the Art Sorb Humidity Controller is practical for about five years. However, it will require humidification during the period. On average, it requires humidification after two to three years, making it a great reusable product. Furthermore, a hygrometer is used to check for dehumidification.

  • Works well with artefacts and arts
  • Lasts for a lengthy period of 5 years and needs to be re humidified after 3 years
  • Maintains relative humidity between 40%-70%
 Product  Packaging  Dimension  %RH  COVERAGE     VOLUME
 Beads  16kg (2 x 8kg Tin Cans)  1.7-4.0mm  40, 50, 55,   60, 65, 70  1lb = 16 ft3
 Sheets  20 Per Case  20” x 20” x 1/8”  40, 50, 60,   70  1 Sheet = 3.5 ft3
 Full  Cassettes  22 Pieces Per Case  13” x 4 3/8” x 15/8”  40, 50, 60  1 Full Cassette = 26 ft3
 Half Cassettes  44 Pieces Per Case  13” x 4 3/8” x 7/8 “  40, 50, 60  1 Half Cassette = 13 ft3
 RH55-65%  Paper, wood, dying and weaving products, Japanese lacquer
 RH50-65%  Elephant tusk, pelts, parchments, nature-related works
 RH50-55%  Oil paintings
 RH45-55%  Fossils
 RH45% Max  Metal, rocks, and ceramics (desalination required)


To meet the different needs of various applications, the Art Sorb Humidity Controller comes in different forms:

  • Bead – Perfect for  easy set-ups in display cases and containers
  • Sheet – Used as a humidity controller for display cases, shipping containers and back of frames
  • Cassette – Convenient product which can be set up and taken down at site
  • F-type – Ideal for small storage, shipping and exhibitions
  • S-Type – Cut to fit the needs of the consumer

Art Sorb Product Brochure: Download