Humidity Controller (Art)

A humidity controller designed for artwork, artefacts & cultural assets

Prevent goods from moisture damage

Art Sorb Humidity Controllers are specially designed for artwork, artifacts & cultural assets and protect invaluable art pieces and historical artifacts. They prevent humidity from destroying historical documents, paintings, fragile fabrics, and many other timeless artworks. These products have accurate moisture absorbing capabilities, which help in maintaining ideal moisture and temperature levels.

The Humidity Controller is made from highly sensitive silica, absorbing excess moisture and maintaining stable humidity levels with the sealed environment. Climatic changes in temperature and humidity can degrade pieces of art and historical artifacts over time, causing colour fading, cracking, and deformation. This maintenance-free and cost-effective humidity controller makes it possible to prevent the degradation of art pieces due to climatic fluctuations and preserve heritage items for generations. It remains effective for up to five years.