Stand Up Pouch

Stand Up pouch is a functional and lightweight pouch that can stand on its bottom for storage and use. It consists of a zip-lock closure used to maintain the freshness of the product. The Stand Up Pouch has become increasingly popular among the many different packaging options in the market due to its flexibility and customisation ability, making it the go-to choice for producers of F&B industries, household items, pet food, and many more. Stand-up Pouches’ applications include powders, snacks, liquids, and ready-to-drink beverages. Unlike ordinary packaging mediums such as cardboard boxes and glass bottles, the Stand Up Pouch consumes fewer resources, resulting in a lower manufacturing cost. 

However, this low manufacturing cost of the pouch does not compromise its quality. The Stand Up Pouch is more complex than it looks. Apart from being made from slightly more rigid materials that allow it to stand independently, the Stand Up Pouch is manufactured through several layers of barrier material that perform different functions. When these layers come together to provide a durable and puncture-resistant film, its multiple layers can be classified into three main groups, each with specific functions. 

  • Outer Layer – Carries advertising which communicates a brand message and appeals to consumers. 
  • Middle Layer – A protective barrier that keeps the pouch’s content safe and fresh. 
  • Inner Layer – This most critical layer is food graded and is FDA approved to ensure that it is safe when coming into direct contact with a food product. It is heat-sealable to assure customers that the pouch has not been tampered with. 

Additional features such as zippers, spouts, top holes, and tear notches can also be customised in stand-up pouches for various packaging requirements. To learn more about Stand Up Pouches, please visit our blog

  • Packaging is able to stand vertically
  • Zip-lock closure
  • Heat sealable
  • Oxygen and moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof


Film Structure

Bag Style

Bag Size


Frozen Mango


Standing Pouch with Zipper

220 x 250 + 55

8 colours + varnish

Banana Dessert Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


3 Side Seal

130 x 170

10 colours

Frozen Fried Chicken


3 Side Seal with Zipper

190 x 250

8 colours

Frozen Chicken


3 Side Seal

160 x 170

10 colours



3 Side Seal

65 x 75

4 colours

Retort Pasta Sauce


Standing Pouch

120 x 180 + 35

8 colours

Retort Tuna


3 Side Seal

200 x 300

8 colours

Retort Sweet Corn (microwavable)


3 Side Seal

130 x 300

No printing

Retort Stew Microwavable/Self-Venting Seal


Standing Pouch

130 x 150 x 35

3 colours