Microwavable Pouch

Stream Peak’s microwavable pouch is a convenient food packaging for reheating food products in the microwave. Unlike the Retort Pouch, the Microwavable Pouch does not contain the aluminium layer as its protective barrier to avoid the occurrence of electric sparks in a microwave. Instead, the aluminium layer is replaced with a unique polyester film coated with Alumina (AIOx), similar to aluminium layers.

The highlight of the microwavable pouch would be its unique self-venting feature. The bottom of the food packaging pouch is a gusset that expands, allowing the microwavable bag to stand up when filled. Another benefit of this pouch is that it is leak-proof and odour-proof. Its self-venting feature is its stand-up feature which maintains the food composition and allows consumers to consume their food without fearing the toppling of the pouch. The self-venting feature provides a quick and easy way for consumers to reheat frozen foods and enhance product freshness in the microwave with steam. Its outer layer film also allows graphic printing to showcase the user’s brand and product information.

Standard microwavable pouches on the market must be opened while heating to avoid food from exploding in the microwave. The downside is that leaving the package open in the microwave would cause the food to lose moisture, altering the taste. In addition, the juice from the food tends to be spatter in the microwave. The Microwavable Pouch provides convenience to users during food preparation by removing the need to leave any openings in the pouch when heating the food in the microwave. The steam inside the flexible packaging will automatically cook the food too. These self-venting microwavable pouches are ideal for prepared meals, sauces, and frozen foods and apply to home and retail produce applications.

To learn more about microwavable pouches, please watch our video.

  • Self-venting
  • Able to stand vertically
  • Oxygen & moisture resistant
  • Leak-proof
  • NY/CCP