Cling Wrap

Cling wrap commonly used to seal and package food products that require additional protection for transportation and storage. Food packaging requires an extended period of storage to prevent contamination and spoilage. Increase product visibility, maintain food quality, reduce food waste and extend shelf life with quality food packaging.

What is Cling Wrap?

It is also known as cling wrap, a type of plastic cling film that is thin, flexible and elastic, making it possible to wrap any product regardless of the shape and size. Saran wraps are transparent and stretchable, providing a layer of protection of any good, mainly used for food. Stream Peak’s food wraps specially designed for packaging food such as vegetable, fruits, meat and cheese.

Food Wrap unique properties.

The cling film only allows the transmission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Oxygen (O2). The plastic wrap can protect food from unwanted contamination from other gases and its surroundings by restricting the flow of gases. During shipment, many common substances such as dust, moisture and dirt will surface and threaten food and beverages. The packaging will extend the food’s shelf life and ensure the food can last through longer transits in the right environment.
Stream Peak’s plastic warp specially formulated with a unique Antifog formula which prevents water condensation and water droplets from surfacing onto the film. Water condensation within the packaging may affect the product quality, taste and texture.

Cling wrap is strong, elastic and durable, ensuring secure wrapping of the product throughout transit. Flexible and versatile, the film can wrap and package a wide variety of food regardless of the shape and size. With its robust and tear-resistant properties, Stream Peak’s food wrap ensures food products is shipped safely.

Cling Wrap Benefits

Saran wrap is cost-effective. Compared to other packaging methods, shrink film is a more affordable alternative serving the same functions and providing maximum protection to goods. Shrinkwrapping machines operate on lesser energy due to the simple process, compared to heat shrink films which require heating.

Environmentally friendly. Stream Peak’s cling wrap is made of eco-friendly properties and is recyclable.

Clear packaging and plastic wraps are transparent, enabling customers to view the product itself and showcase the food. Food wraps provide users with a visual of food product compared to boxes and other types of packaging.
Properly pack your sensitive goods and ship them without worries with Stream Peak’s Cling wrap. Use food wrap with oxygen absorbers to reduce oxygen in packaging. Contact us for more information today!

  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Aesthetic packaging
  • Strong & durable
  • Flexible & elastic
  • Specially formulated, optimal food packaging
  • Maximise food protection & maintain quality

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