VOC Filter Equipment

Ethylene scrubber removes ethylene gas from the air in storage facilities and transportation vehicles. Ethylene absorbers prevent food wastage by preventing premature ripening and spoilage of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

The four-stage filtration process of the ethylene removal system includes a pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, and a potassium permanganate filter. The pre-filter captures larger particles, while the HEPA filter removes smaller particles such as bacteria and viruses. The activated carbon filter eliminates odours, while the potassium permanganate filter removes ethylene gas.

This machine extends the shelf life of produce and flowers, reduces waste, and promotes sustainability in the food and floral industries. The ethylene scrubber is easy to install and operate, featuring a user-friendly control panel that allows adjustable airflow and filter replacement notifications.

SF Drum Scrubbers

  • Airflow: 1-2000 m3/h
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Pollutants removal performance: 99.5%
  • Drain valve for the evacuation of condensed water
  • Small-footprint compact equipment
  • Suitable for low airflow and moderate to high concentrations
  • Optional: fan, frequency drive, valves, particle filters, and a bird screen

SFM Air Filtration Systems

  • Airflow: 10-80.000 m3/h
  • Pollutants removal efficiency 98% minimum
  • 1-4 stages of chemical filtration
  • Self-adjust system for the cassettes to avoid any possible bypass.
  • Horizontal or vertical layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for high flow rates and low to moderate concentrations of contaminants
  • Options: electronically switched fan, touch screen control, pressure gauges, additional particulate filters, mist eliminator

SPV Pressurisation Units

  • Airflow: 100-3,500 m3/h
  • Performance for removing gaseous pollutants: 99% min
  • 2 stages of chemical filtration with AP-12 cassettes
  • Small footprint due to its vertical shape

PBS Air Filtration Systems

  • Airflow: 10-10.000 m3/h
  • Pollutants removal efficiency 99,9% minimum
  • 1-4 stages of chemical filtration
  • Horizontal layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for low-moderate flow rates and moderate to high concentrations of contaminants

SAP Air Purification Unit

  • Airflow: 10-30.000 m3/h
  • Performance for removing gaseous pollutants: 98%
  • Horizontal layout compact equipment
  • Suitable for low to moderate concentrations of contaminants.
  • Options: electronically switched fan, touch screen control, pressure switches, additional particulate filters, demister, ULPA filters and electronic filters

Drum Scrubbers

The Drum Scrubber filled with VOC absorbents has a deep-bed technology and is composed of polypropylene. This system is commonly used for water treatment, waste management, and the food industry’s deodorisation. The filtration process is efficient and effective in removing odours.

SFM Air Filtration Systems

SFM Air Filtration Systems provide modular air filtration solutions with aluminium and steel components. The systems eliminate corrosive gases that can cause damage to control electronics. Each system comprises modules (cassettes) of VOC absorbents, chemical adsorption media, and particulate filters.

These units can be utilised for either natural ventilation (passive configuration) or forced ventilation (incorporated stage fan), catering to a wide range of gas-phase filtration requirements, including deodorisation. The outdoor compatibility of these systems makes them ideal for outdoor use, and they can be configured for both passive and forced ventilation.

SPV Pressurisation Unit

The SPV pressurisation unit prevents corrosion in electrical rooms. It has a vertical pressurisation system and double-walled galvanised steel construction. The unit has built-in VOC adsorbents, chemical adsorption media, variable-speed fan motors, and particulate filters for pressurisation and recirculation of air. The system’s airflow can be regulated using a servo-controlled gate.

PBS Filtration System

The PBS Filtration System eliminates corrosive gases that can impact control electronics. It is constructed with durable stainless steel and features bulk VOC media and particulate filters in a deep bed scrubber design. This system is ideal for gas-phase filtration applications, including deodorisation.

The system offers additional options such as a redundant blower, ATEX certification, extra particulate filters, and a mist eliminator. These options enhance the system’s functionality, making it an even more reliable solution for gas-phase filtration requirements.