Safeguard cargo from moisture damage throughout shipping or storage with the Humi Dryer Strip Plus. Engineered with precision, the shipping container desiccant is designed to combat humidity-related issues. A water vapour adsorption rate of up to 200% of its weight ensures moisture control.

The container desiccant is manufactured in Singapore using a combination of a polymer gelling agent and calcium chloride. This crafted formulation enhances its effectiveness in maintaining a dry environment and protecting goods.

Protection Against Moisture Damage

Shipping containers near the ocean are susceptible to container rain and moisture damage. To counteract this, desiccant strips play a crucial role in preserving a dry and controlled environment within the container, thus mitigating the potential hazards associated with moisture.

The desiccant container strips are engineered for strength and durability, enabling them to endure demanding transportation conditions without risk of breakage or leakage. The desiccant strips have hooks, facilitating effortless attachment to container walls or suspension from cargo nets.

Safeguard Moisture-Sensitive Goods

We provide a range of container strip desiccants of different lengths and sizes. Our offerings include customisation options and printing services, allowing for a tailored packaging solution that aligns with specific brands and requirements.

With our daily in-house quality inspection and 9001 and 1400 certifications, we manufacture container desiccants to safeguard against costly damage from humidity and ensure that products arrive at their destinations in optimal condition.

  • Specially formulated desiccant made from a polymer gelling agent and calcium chloride
  • Water vapour adsorption rate of up to 200% of its weight
  • Continuous container desiccant manufactured in Singapore
  • Lowers humidity inside shipping or storage containers to protect cargo from moisture damage during transit
  • Suitable for shipping commodities such as canned foods, coffee beans, flour, rice, etc.
  • Non-toxic and food grade
  • Water Absorption Capacity: Min. 200% wt.
  • Shelf Life of Desiccant: 1 year from date of manufacture
  • Packet Material: Tyvek, spun-bonded olefin, manufactured by E. I Dupont Exterior-Uncoated
  • Packaging:
    • 15 strips of 1kg desiccant per carton
    • 10 strips of 1.5kg of desiccant per carton
  • The product label contains the following:
    • Manufacturer’s name
    • Description of desiccant
    • Quantity per container
    • Manufacturer’s lot number
    • Date of manufacture
    • Manufacturer’s caution label
Item No.  Weight  Quantity
 CHP0125T2  125 gm  96PKTS/CTN
 CHP1000T1  1 kg  15STRIP/CTN
 CHP1500T1  1.5 kg  10STRIP/CTN


Humi Dryer Strip Plus Product Brochure: Download