Humi Dryer bag is a desiccant container that can absorb up to 80% of its weight in moisture, making it an effective solution for removing moisture from shipping containers.

We manufacture the container desiccant in Singapore, and it contains a non-toxic natural clay desiccant mixed with calcium chloride, ensuring cargo safety during transit. Its design is intended to prevent condensation on container walls by reducing the dew point, preventing container rain and potential moisture damage to products.

Effective for Moisture Removal

During sea transportation, shipping containers are subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which lead to moisture buildup. This moisture condenses in the colder areas of the container, and as the temperature rises, it increases the humidity inside the container. This excess humidity can cause “container rain” when it drips down, resulting in mould and mildew growth on the transported goods.

The container desiccant is non-toxic and food-grade, making it ideal for storing moisture-sensitive commodities such as coffee beans, canned foods, flour, rice, and more during shipment. The desiccant’s moisture-absorbing strip helps prevent food from getting mouldy by absorbing moisture inside the container.

Container desiccants protect in-transit cargo by reducing the humidity level inside shipping or storage containers, thus preventing any potential moisture damage. Moisture-absorbing bags are also useful in home wardrobes to absorb moisture and prevent the growth of mould, which can cause a musty smell. The desiccant removes moisture from the air, preventing metal items like tools from rusting and camera lenses from fogging up.

Prevent Mould and Mildew

These bags can be placed in storerooms, where they draw moisture, preventing damage to items and important documents and keeping clothes smelling fresh. They can also be used in other areas, like cabinets and under sinks, to remove moisture and prevent damage.

The desiccants bags are available in two bundles, with the option of purchasing three or five bags. Direct purchase is available from our online store. Contact us for bulk quantities, custom sizes, or special printing requirements. 

  • Manufactured in Singapore
  • Absorbs up to 80% of its weight in moisture
  • Contains non-toxic natural clay desiccant mixed with calcium chloride
  • Unique design prevents condensation on container walls by reducing the dew point
  • Food-grade and suitable for storing moisture-sensitive commodities
  • The moisture-absorbing strip helps prevent mould growth on transported goods
  • Protects cargo during transit by reducing humidity levels inside shipping or storage containers
  • It can be used in home wardrobes, storerooms, cabinets, and under sinks to prevent moisture damage
  • Particles size: 1 – 4 mm
  • Water Absorption Capacity: min. 50 wt% (Up to 80 wt%)
  • The product label contains the following:
    • Manufacturer’s name
    • Description of desiccant
    • Quantity per container
    • Manufacturer’s lot number
    • Date of manufacture Manufacturer’s caution label
 Item No.  Weight  Quantity  Remarks
 CHY0500B1  500 gm  30BAG/CTN  YELLOW BAG
 CHY2000B1  2 kg  10BAG/CTN  YELLOW BAG with CABLE TIE


Humi Dryer Product Brochure: Download