Stream Peak’s Desiccant Packs protect goods from damage caused by moisture and gases and increase their lifespan. Their primary function is to absorb moisture in small areas. As a result, the packages are frequently placed with dehydrated foods such as jerky or dried seaweed. The packets help to prevent moisture and, consequently, mould growth. Desiccant packs must use a high grade of packaging due to their use with food to prevent the internal components from coming into contact with the food. 

Food products are often exposed to mould and bacteria in a highly humid atmosphere, resulting in food spoilage and discolouration. Metal oxidation can also occur in electronic products due to excessive humidity, leading to defects and wastage. The presence of moisture in medication packaging can harm the effectiveness of medicines. Use desiccant packs inside the product packaging to prevent defects in electronics, spoilage of food products, and medicines wastage due to excessive humidity or moisture. Desiccant packs can be used in all industries because every product must be transported into packaging or shipping containers and can be damaged due to excess moisture: agricultural commodities (cocoa beans, rice, nuts, seeds), automotive components, appliances, beverage cans, furniture, clothing, machinery, and so on. Moisture can damage any product and render it unfit for human consumption, retail sale, or manufacturing. Every year, millions of products are damaged and, in many cases, scrapped due to this issue.  

Therefore, desiccant packs are essential in extending the longevity of goods packaged together; hence learning how to use these bags properly is necessary. Desiccant packs, whether used with military specification packaging or on their own, serve a vital role in various industries. Here at Stream Peak, we have a variety of desiccant packs available such as Unit Pak Desiccant Bags, commonly used by the government, Desiccant Polymers that are customisable into different shapes, Continuous Strip Desiccants for automated production lines and many more. 

 They are available in different materials and forms, such as Tyvek, and are produced from various substrates. Custom mixes that combine two functions in a single packet can also be created. For example, by combining equal amounts of activated carbon and silica gel, we can supply desiccant packets that absorb odour and moisture. 

Stream Peak strives to safeguard the integrity of customers’ products by preventing moisture damage during transit and storage. Contact us for enquiries on selecting the suitable desiccant pack to ensure moisture packaging protection for goods.