R Series Transformer Breather

‘R’ Series Transformers Breathers are used to keep and check desiccant conditions with ease. Made with UV-stabilised and shatterproof polycarbonate windows, the ‘R’ Series Transformers Breathers have a transparent, clear body that allows users to check the desiccant condition quickly. With two-way, low-pressure valves fitted in the Breather base, air only enters the breather when there is a negative pressure differential within the equipment.

Additionally, the unit is mounted from a ¾” female pipe thread connection at the top of the breather. It allows for filling and emptying the desiccant inside the breather with minimum effort. Cater to different transformer requirements. The R series comes in different sizes – R, R1, and R2. The R3 breather comprises two R1 Breathers, fully saturating one before the other. This model gives handlers more time allowance as they will only need to replace the desiccants when both breathers are thoroughly saturated with moisture.

  • High-performance plastic or metal construction
  • Simple installation
  • ISO9001/2008 design approved
  • Suitable for 1250 kVA to 750 mVA Transformers
  • Low dusting beaded Envirogel adsorbent
  • Up to 25% adsorption capacity
  • Definitive colour change saturation indication
  • IP65 rating
  • Operating Temperature Range -50°C to 70°C
  • Vandal proof
  • Weather resistant
  • All round visual saturation indicator


 Max. Oil Contents

 Weight of Desiccant

 Overall Length (A)

 Overall Diameter (B)


 1500 Litres





 3000 Litres





 4750 Litres




R Series Transformer Breather Product Brochure: Download