The transformer breathers are designed to provide optimal moisture protection for large-capacity tanks. Their sturdy construction allows these breathers to be mounted through a flange or pipe thread connection.

Durable and Reliable

Equipped with two-way pressure valves in their base plate, the breathers ensure that air enters only when there is a negative differential air pressure. The desiccant container in these breathers is made of mild steel and is removable, while they are protected with a phosphate and powder coat finish.

A shatter-proof and UV-stabilized polycarbonate window provides clear visibility of the orange silica gel, which changes colour from orange to green, visually indicating the need for replacement. Four metal tie rods with threaded nuts clamp the breather between the top and bottom endplates.

Optimal Moisture Protection

Replacing the indicating silica gel is easy – release the threaded nuts. In addition, all threads in these breathers conform to BS21 and ISO7-1 standards. The size V, W, and X transformer breathers have a ¾” female pipe thread, while the size Y and Z transformer breathers have a 1” female pipe thread.

  • High-performance plastic or metal construction
  • Simple installation
  • ISO9001/2008 design approved
  • Suitable for 1250 kVA to 750 mVA Transformers
  • Low dusting beaded Envirogel adsorbent
  • Up to 25% adsorption capacity
  • Definitive colour change saturation indication
  • IP65 rating
  • Operating Temperature Range -50°C to 70°C
  • Vandal proof
  • Weather resistant
  • All round visual saturation indicator
 Size  Overall Length (B)  Overall Diameter (A)  Weight of Desiccant  Max Oil Content
 V  375mm  255mm  5kg  11,350 Litres
 W  555mm  255m  10kg  22,700 Litres
 X  735mm  355mm  14.5kg  34,050 Litres
 Y  485mm  355mm  17.5kg  45,450 Litres
 Z  645mm  355mm  27.3kg  68,150 Litres

V, W, X, Y, & Z Transformer Breather Product Brochure: Download

V, W, X, Y & Z Transformer Breather Drawing Plan: Download