The In-Line Desiccator is capable of handling a maximum pressure of 20 psi and is available in 5 different sizes: 60gm, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, and 300gm. It houses indicating silica gel and is equipped with a 25-micron (nominal) outlet filter.

The desiccator comes with PVC tubing that is 1.5 meters long and tube inserts. It is crucial to ensure that the inlet air is free from liquid water and clean. The desiccator is refillable and can be supplied with alternative connections as required.

  • BL/D6927/01: 60GM / 85.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/02: 100GM / 115.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/03: 200GM / 215.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/04: 300GM / 300.0(DIMN ‘A)
  • BL/D6927/05: 150GM / 165.0(DIMN ‘A)

60g to 300g Indicating Silica Gel Filled In-Line Desiccator Product Brochure: Download