The in-line desiccator comes in 3 standard sizes: 60gm, 100gm, and 200gm. It can handle flow rates of up to 4 litres per minute and has a maximum pressure rating of 60 psi (4 bar). Filled with a 4A molecular sieve, the desiccator features a humidity indicator that alerts when the desiccant reaches its saturation point.

The desiccator is also equipped with a 25-micron (nominal) outlet filter. It is important to ensure that the inlet air is free from liquid water and clean. Additionally, the desiccator is refillable and can provide alternative connections if required.

  • BL/D 4123/1: 60gm / 4.5hours approx life at spec levels
  • BL/D 4123/2: 100gm / 7.5hours approx life at spec levels
  • BL/D 4123/3: 200gm / 15hours approx life at spec levels

60g to 200g Molecular Sieves Filled In-Line Desiccator Product Brochure: Download