Ensure damage-free goods transportation with Vibration Data Loggers. Protect goods from damage during transportation from vibration or shock during transit—real-time vibration monitoring of crucial equipment to measure vibration and prevent equipment damage. The vibration recorders help users to measure, record, and store low-frequency vibration levels in a given period for machine monitoring and transporting goods. The shock or vibration data are an asset to various industries involving goods delivery. These tools allow manufacturers to perform uninterrupted documentation from transportation to delivery. It enables companies to exercise better quality control.

With an accurate monitoring system, manufacturers can detect and reduce products or machinery risk to potential shocks or vibrations during transit or not and if maintenance is required—quality loggers from Stream Peak. Maintaining an optimum environment is critical for machinery monitoring, and sensitive goods are in transit by road or by sea. Use Vibration Data Loggers to allow precise measurement of shocks or vibrations while transporting goods with the option of measuring and recording various other factors like humidity or temperature. Record and store essential data and generate PDF reports. They allow setting possible limit values, vibration measurement during transit, and data analysis via a display.