The ShockLog® 298 data logger monitors and records impact, shock and vibration environmental conditions during transit or storage. It provides real-time alerts for potential impacts, ensuring immediate inspection.

Real-Time Alerts and Inspection Features

The data logger helps determine baseline damage boundaries, identify mishandled goods, and assign accountability during shipping, operation, and storage. It enables data analysis to identify areas for improvement in product packaging, loading processes, carriers, and transportation modes, leading to cost reduction.

Key features of the logger include user-programmable impact scales and frequency filters, peak value (time slot) showcase, and summarized journey profile data. It can record detailed impact curves for up to 870 events and 262,000 slots, capturing direction, amplitude, and duration of impact force and peak acceleration values on a time basis.

Data from the recorder can be accessed via a USB connection or iButton® interface, enabling easy setup, downloading, and operation. The iButton® interface allows for a secure and tamper-proof journey report download. The ShockLog® software, compatible with Windows®, provides complete programming control and full data access.

Advanced Tracking Capabilities: GPS Integration

Additional modules like ShockLog® Cellular provide real-time alerts for out-of-tolerance conditions, while ShockLog® Satellite records positioning, time, and location for every event and summary interval through a GPS module.

Optional sensors are available to enhance the ShockLog® 298, including temperature, humidity, pressure, tilt, and roll sensors. The RF module allows transmission and retrieval of information to an RF Base Station Module attached to a computer.

  • Records impact events; max peaks X, Y, and Z, gRMS, and internal temperature
  • Record up to 870 events and 262,000-time slots
  • Sensors record the amplitude, direction, and duration of the impact force
  • Field-proven triaxial piezoelectric accelerometer technology
  • USB and iButton® data transfer options
  • Self-contained unit design, free of exposed cables and wires
  • Programmable wake-up values for maximising battery life
  • User-definable warning and alarm levels
  • LED lights for visual notification of alarms and warnings
  • IP67-rated, RF-screened
  • Up to 18 months of battery life
  • Option to build a temperature/humidity sensor into the unit or add a temperature/pressure/ humidity accessory sensor
  • Captures coordinates when an event occurs at summary intervals with GPS (optional)
  • GPS allows users, through hyperlinks, to pinpoint the exact location of an event and summary with the use of Google Maps (optional)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C (-22°F to to 185°F)
  • Size: 4.8in x 3.1in x 2.2in (123mm x 84mm x 55mm)
  • Weight: 1.1lbs/515g (without battery)
  • Battery: 2 x 3.6V lithium/2 x 1.5V alkaline size AA
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 months with lithium battery
  • Scale Factor: ± 2%
  • Additional Error Other Ranges: ± 2%
  • Acceleration Range: ± 1 to ± 200G
  • Cut-Off Frequency Options (Programmable): 10Hz, 40Hz, 50Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz, and 250Hz
  • Wake-Up, Warning, and Alarm Threshold (% of Range): 5–95%
  • Wake-Up Time: 0.25ms
  • External Power Source Option: 4.5V min/30V max
  • Software Compatibility: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

ShockLog® 298 Product Brochure: Download

Impact Recorder Overview Brochure: Download

  • Automotive parts (i.e., motors, pumps, engines, transmissions),
  • Energy (i.e., oil and gas drilling, power transformers, nuclear materials)
  • Defence and aviation (i.e., lasers, missiles, aircraft engines, satellites)
  • Medical and research (i.e., lab equipment, MRI machines, dental chairs, x-ray equipment)
  • Transportation (i.e., rail cars, cranes, trucking fleets)