BioTherm 5

The BioTherm 5 is a reusable insulated box, a low-cost and highly effective solution for shipping various dry ice or temperature-controlled specimens. It comes with a carrying handle to encourage careful transportation, preventing goods from being damaged. For products that need to be kept cold during transport, the BioTherm 5 is a must-have when paired with a cooling agent such as dry ice or Stream Peak’s Ice Gel Packs, Ice Peak. For sample payloads that need to be deeply frozen for up to 48 hours, the BioTherm 5 is a temperature-controlled packaging system and a complete, secure, and compliant dry ice shipping solution.

  • Reusable, low cost and highly effective
  • Ideal for shipping a wide range of dry ice or temperature-controlled specimens
  • Carry handle encourages careful transportation
  • Replacement outer boxes available
  • Temperature tested performance reports available on request
  • A comprehensive validating service is available.
  • Validated -2°C to -8°C Coolpac kits available
  • Supplied completely ready to ship
 Duration  48 Hours
 Internal Volume  4.9 Litres
 System Weight  1.6 lbs
 System Weight w/Dry Ice Fill  9.8 lbs
 Internal Dimensions – Length  170 mm
 Internal Dimensions – Width  170 mm
 Internal Dimensions – Height  170 mm
 External Dimensions – Length  268 mm
 External Dimensions – Width  273 mm
 External Dimensions – Height  283 mm