Air Liner

Stream Peak’s Insulated Box Liner or cooler box called Air Liner is a good insulation alternative to rigid foam packaging for shipped products. The cold chain packaging solution is an inflatable, thermal insulating liner that efficiently converts a standard cardboard box into a cooler box. AirLiner can be inflated with ordinary air or to further prolong its thermal performance with inert gasses. Ideal for storing the most fragile goods, the Air Liner is commonly used for pharmaceutical, agro alimentary products, and shipping tropical fish and plant applications.

  • Conservation of a pre-determined cold chain
  • Barrier against thermal shocks and variable insulation performance adapted to the type of delivery and the seasonal conditions.
  • Maximum natural protection guaranteed.
  • The Airliner’s flexible structure absorbs impacts from handling for a secure cold chain under all circumstances.
  • Space-saving at sales outlet or dispatch centre: The Airliner occupies 20 times less space than polystyrene before inflation.
  • Superior insulation capacity; fewer gel packs required, more space available for products = optimised shipping costs.
  • A unique barcode serial number on every Airliner allows batching and manufacturing information to be available for the entire duration of Airliner use.
  • Easy to dispose
  • No refrigerated vehicle required reduces CO2 emissions.
Transport Duration
  • From 12 to 120 hours, depending on the configuration.
  • From 2 to 65 litres/film, the diameter can be configured according to requirements
  • A good insulation alternative that allows more flexibility
  • Provides cushioning