BioTherm 5 is a reusable insulated box that offers a cost-effective and efficient cold chain solution for shipping specimens requiring dry ice or temperature control. It features a thermal barrier bag with a convenient carrying handle to ensure careful transportation and prevent damage to the goods.

Using the insulated box with a cooling agent like dry ice or ice gel packs is recommended to maintain cold temperatures during transport. When packed with 3.1kg of dry ice, the insulated box shipper can control the frozen temperature for at least 48 hours. The internal dimensions of the insulated box measure 170 x 170 x 170mm.

  • Reusable, low cost and highly effective
  • Ideal for shipping a wide range of dry ice or temperature-controlled specimens
  • Carry handle encourages careful transportation
  • Replacement outer boxes available
  • Temperature tested performance reports available on request
  • A comprehensive validating service is available.
  • Validated -2°C to -8°C Coolpac kits available
  • Supplied completely ready to ship
  • Duration:  48 Hours
  • Internal Volume: 4.9 Litres
  • System Weight: 1.6 lbs
  •  System Weight w/Dry Ice Fill:  9.8 lbs
  •  Internal Dimensions: Length: 170 mm
  •  Internal Dimensions: Width: 170 mm
  •  Internal Dimensions: Height: 170 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Length: 268 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Width:  273 mm
  •  External Dimensions: Height: 283 mm