High-flow relief valves can quickly move large quantities of air and automatically prevent pressure build-up in container packaging applications. Offering pressure and vacuum relief at an opening point of 0.5 psi ± 0.25 psi in both directions for fast or explosive decompression protects the goods inside from extreme pressure. It also allows for safe access to the application.

High-flow relief valves with a flow rate of up to 140 SCFM can provide the rapid decompression needed (depressurising a typical cargo hold in 15 seconds) and is reusable. Protect applications from overpressurisation. Used as a substitute for rupture disks which are one-time-use valves that require replacement.

Even without an immediate decompression requirement, airborne transport of large-volume containers requires large volumes of moving air to prevent explosion or implosion resulting from atmospheric pressure changes with altitude. For a container of over 1,100 ft.³, one valve is sufficient for atmospheric pressure protection.

The valve also has a manual release button that ensures safe and easy entry into the enclosure under vacuum or pressure. A retaining clip is secured to prevent the button from being misused, and the lanyard attached to it prevents it from being misplaced. It projects 1.25″ from the container wall to the tip of the manual release button and can also be easily installed into container walls up to 1/2″ thick.

  • Protect equipments from extreme pressure
  • Prevent pressure buildup and remove large air quantities
  • Pressure and vacuum relief at the opening point of 0.5 psi ± 0.25 psi in both directions
  • Reliable and durable construction to withstand high pressure and harsh environments
  • Quick and easy installation with a variety of connection options
  • Provides accurate and consistent pressure relief
  • Compliant with industry standards and regulations for safety and performance

High Flow Relief Valve Product Brochure: Download