Combined Relief Valves & Humidity Indicator

Protect both Humidity and Pressure Build-Up with Only One Attachment

Ideal when space is limited, combining a Humidity Indicator and Relief Valve will only require one hole to be fitted to equipment or containers. While incorporating a humidity indicator and a two-way breather valve within the same housing, this unit has separate and distinct pressure and vacuum relief settings.

Designed for mounting in moisture-sensitive electronic equipment or any other humidity-controlled packaging enclosure, it monitors and detects changes in space’s humidity. As the humidity increases, the sensor paper changes from blue to pink. As the humidity decreases, it reverts to blue.

Static desiccators can be fitted with a desiccant cartridge to adsorb and remove any moisture entering the equipment during its use. Two models of combined relief valves and indicators are M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit and ¾” Thread Humi-Valve.

M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit

Apart from relieving pressure and monitoring humidity, a desiccator can be fitted on the rear of the unit using the internal thread for R.F. screening continuity, allowing the unit to perform three functions in one product.

¾” Thread Humi-Valve

This lightweight, rugged, tamper-proof breather valve contains a separate path to the humidity indicator. There is no need for field maintenance as the valve seal is made of silicone rubber, and corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout the valve. The manual release push button on the valve equalises residual pressure or vacuum differentials, allowing containers to be opened easily. Each valve comes with a gasket, washer, and hex nut.

  • Changes from blue to pink when there is high humidity and goes back to blue when humidity decreases
  • A combination of M24 Thread Pressure Relief and Humidity Indicator Unit ¾” Thread Humi-Valve
  • Can be used to electrical equipment, storage areas, cameras and laser systems
  • M24 Thread Pressure Relief & Humidity Indicator Unit
  • ¾” Thread Humi-Valve

Combined Relief Valves and Indicator Product Brochure: Download