Professional Industrial Packaging Solutions
Published On:January 24, 2020 Revised On:January 31, 2023

Professional Industrial Packaging Solutions

Importance of Packaging

Product packaging plays a crucial role in protecting the products when it is being transported or stored. Having good packaging will prevent products from being damaged. Packaging allows labelling or information for users to understand more about the product. Loss or damage of products due to improper packaging can be prevented.

Factors to Take Note for Industrial PackagingPackaging

  1. Duration of transportation
  2. Sensitivity of goods to temperature and climate changes
  3. Weight and size of goods to be transported
  4. Type of transpiration – Land, Sea, or Air
  5. Sensitivity of goods to damage upon impact

Types of Industries for Industrial Packaging


Aerospace and automobile systems contain many highly sensitive parts. They require extra care and caution during shipment to protect their quality. Thus, these parts need proper packaging and the right protection to avoid unnecessary wastage costs.

Water Treatment

Water treatment systems are built with mechanical and electrical components; these parts are sensitive to environmental moisture and gas. These parts may also be damaged due to impact and tilt during shipment. Thus, one must take preventive measures when shipping and installing these systems. Stream Peak has experienced packers in this field handling all kinds of systems, ensuring your plants and systems are delivered and installed efficiently without damage.


Sensitive goods and products require protection during shipment and properly utilising these protective packaging. Packers need to wrap and secure the goods properly and efficiently. Our packers are knowledgeable and experienced in handling our protective packaging and can pack your goods securely at high speed. Lessen your worry and trouble and ship your sensitive goods easily as our packers effectively package your goods.

Oil & Gas

Liquid oil and gas goods are sensitive to the environment. Factors such as temperature, moisture, humidity levels, and much more may affect the quality of these oils and gases. As such, packaging solutions such as desiccants are required to be packed together with your tightly sealed goods. Stream Peak packers will aid in packaging these products, utilising the right solutions to protect the different needs of each product.

Heavy Goods & Machinery

Heavy and bulky goods are a hassle to pack and ship. They require firm packaging and labour. These goods must be packed appropriately with enough cushion, ensuring the goods can withstand tilt and impact during shipping with proper seals to the firm box. Stream Peak packers are experienced with wrapping and void filling; with the necessary packaging tools, our packers will efficiently package heavy goods and machinery.


Biomedical goods and products are highly sensitive to the environment. The temperature, humidity levels, and much more can easily affect the quality of the chemicals. Thus, these goods have to be shipped with packaging solutions such as our Integra Boost (maintaining humidity levels), desiccants (adsorbs moisture), and much more. Our packers will help efficiently package the biomedical goods with the appropriate packaging solution at high speeds, lowering the risk of contamination of your goods.


Shipping food and fruits requires packaging solutions such as Ethylene Absorbers to protect them from spoilage. Impact and the environment can damage the food products, causing a failure in delivery. Stream Peak offers various solutions to prevent this; our packers will aid in further preventing wastage and effectively shipping food products.

Electrical & Electronics

The majority of electrical and electronic goods are classified as dangerous goods with risks of fire and explosion. They are sensitive and have to be shipped with caution. They require careful handling with durable packaging, and our packers will aid in packaging these goods.

Types of Industrial Packaging Services

On-Site Packaging

Stream Peak’s experienced packers will come down to wherever required and aid in packaging heavy products or goods that are inconvenient to move. We have handled a wide variety of goods and machines as a pioneer in the field. Thus, have our packers come down to aid in your packaging and speed up operations!

In-house Packaging

Stream Peak has a reliable and efficient team of professional packers, all knowledgeable about our wide variety of packaging solutions. Have your goods packed at our warehouse efficiently, ensuring your goods are packed with maximum protection, a ship without worries!

Flat Racking & Containerisation

Stream Peak offers a service to aid in shipping and packaging these goods for complex goods that are too large or heavy to be shipped with standard shipping containers. Our packers will assist in shipping and securing the goods into containers with proper protection.

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