Why Use a Humidity Indicator Card?
Published On:October 11, 2018 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Why Use a Humidity Indicator Card?

Moisture damage is unpredictable during a long voyage and can result in substantial costs and losses for your firms. To mitigate the losses, firms can decide to adopt moisture prevention solutions or use Humidity Indicator Cards to monitor if their products are exposed to moisture during storage and transportation. In today’s article, we will explore how Humidity Indicator Cards work and how they can help your business.

Humidity Indicator Cards

Before we begin, let us go through some interesting facts.

What Causes Moisture Damage?

Moisture damage is due to humidity. Humidity refers to the amount of water vapour present in the air according to the fluctuating air temperature throughout the shipping journey.

Scientific Facts of Humidity

Warm air can contain more moisture than cooler air. When warm air cools down, some water vapour in the air will condense on container ceilings and walls. The condensed droplets may flow around the walls and drip on products causing moisture damage.


Long voyage exposes the product to multiple periods of temperature fluctuations between freezing point to about 70 degrees. It may cause water to evaporate and condense continuously, which changes the amount of moisture within the container. It exposes your products to a higher risk of moisture damage.

What Can You Do?

To determine if your products get damaged during storage and transportation, you may consider getting a Humidity Indicator Card.

How Does it Work?

A Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) measures the relative humidity of the container. As relative humidity increases, the colour of the moisture-sensitive indicator will change. It allows you to monitor and identify if your product has been exposed to unacceptable levels of humidity. “Why do we still need a HIC if the damage has already been done?” Using Humidity Indicators Cards would help you assign responsibility for product damages, hence simplifying the claim or litigation process. Apart from that, it can also allow companies to adopt moisture prevention solutions and prevent damage costs.

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