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Desiccators provide protection against corrosion, moisture, and contamination. ..

Digital Temperature Indicators

Digital Thermometers provide accurate real-time data for monitoring purposes. Suitable for a range o..

Ethylene Absorbers

Ethylene Absorbers are used to prolong the freshness of your fruits, vegetables, and fresh flowers b..

Food Packaging

Food Packaging Films prevent oxygen and moisture from spoiling flavour and quality of food. ..

Forklift Monitoring System

Forklift Monitoring System protect valuable assets including employees, goods, infrastructures, and ..

Humidity Indicator

Humidity Indicator monitor humidity levels inside packaging containers and changes color if moisture..

Immersion Breathers

Immersion Breathers are used to prevent pressure or vacuum buildup in instruments or equipment subje..

Integra Boost

Integra Boost is a moisture releasing and absorbing desicare that maintains a precise humidity ..