No More Damaged Goods this 2018!

Say no to damaged goods

How often do you encounter 1-to-1 goods exchange requests from your customers upon received due to damaged goods, despite having checked the package before packing and delivering it?
So, who is responsible for damaged goods? You, the supplier, or the one in charge of transporting your goods? Or could it be the customer who accidentally dropped the item?

Regardless of the industry, we are in, dealing with damaged goods can cause a massive headache due to the hassle that we have to go through – from handling customers’ complaints to arranging an exchange of goods. Hence, it is always essential for us to take precautions, especially when dealing with fragile products.

Impact Indicator is a device that visually alerts you when your goods have been dropped or mishandled during transit or storage. Why should you use Impact indicators, you may wonder.
Impact indicators turn bright red when the product experiences an impact. By doing so, it reduces damage-related cost, increases accountability during the handling of items, and recognizes trouble spots in the supply chain. Therefore, rest assured that you wouldn’t be facing any more difficulties in identifying who’s responsible for the mishandling.

Not to forget, impact indicators are available in a wide range of impact sensitivity based on product weight and size. So, if you’re worried that you are unable to find something that fits your needs, we have got you covered!

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