Monitoring Your Products Temperature

Monitor Temperature of your products with Stream Peak's temperature indicator label !

I’m sure you have seen those costly food items that cost hundreds per meal and carefully sourced from a specific part of the world. As consumers continually seek for higher quality food items, retailers and suppliers find ways to maintain the quality of their produce.

One way of doing this is by making sure that the temperature of the food item remains in the ideal range as having it in the wrong temperature will cause the quality to drop or, worse, turn bad. The solution to this is to use a temperature indicator label. Temperature indicator labels, otherwise known as time-temperature indicators and temperature labels, introduce accountability measures into the shipping and handling stages of the temperature-sensitive chain. It visually prompts the user for immediate remediation.

Of course, temperature indicator labels are not used only for food. There are many different types of temperature indicator labels. There are those specifically for seafood or even for blood, which is very important as blood needs to be contained in specific temperature range depending on the use of it.

For those who prefer luxuries, they can opt for digital temperature readers. They give a real-time temperature reading on the spot. Again, these are commonly used for measuring temperature for food (even during cooking) and blood, perfect for the food-lovers out there to cook up their complete meals.