Functions of Shipping Container Desiccants
Published On:September 10, 2021 Revised On:March 16, 2023

Functions of Shipping Container Desiccants

Container transportation has grown to be one of the most important modes of international transportation. The majority of shipping containers are loaded close to the ocean, where the air contains a higher concentration of water. The moisture in the air becomes trapped in the container, which is a relatively enclosed environment. As the air settles in the container, the moisture condenses in colder sections of the container. As the temperature rises, the moisture rises up inside the container before dripping down, and this is known as container rain.

This container rain dripped onto transport goods can encourage the growth of mould and mildew, which damages the transport goods. This causes significant economic losses, in the long run, considering all of the shipments in a year, it can be very expensive, and the amount of money you lose can be enormous.

If moisture and fungus completely destroy your shipment, you will have to discard everything and make an additional transport for your customer. If the shipment is time-sensitive, you may expedite transport over short sea freight, which is significantly more expensive. Aside from significant economic losses and unnecessary waste of our natural resources, cargo damage can also jeopardise the credibility of the manufacturer or retailer.

Thus, it is crucial to have container desiccants in the containers. Shipping Container desiccantsare a new type of transport protection for cargo from moisture deterioration by preventing this condensation in shipping containers, also known as Cargo Rain. They help eliminate the harmful effects of moisture damage such as mould and mildew by reducing the dew point, the temperature at which condensation starts to form. Shipping Container desiccants are also capable of absorbing moisture up to 280% of their dry weight, unlike other desiccants such as Silica Gel and Desiccant Clay, which only have an absorption rate of 25-30%. Moreover, its Tyvek leak-proof packaging materials allow water vapour to be absorbed and transformed into a thick gel-like structure, eliminating the potential of liquid spillage.

Shipping container desiccants are available in a wide variety, providing versatile protection against moisture and humidity damage during transit. They come in the form of bags and contain a non-toxic clay desiccant mixed with a trace of calcium chloride which makes them an excellent choice for transporting items such as coffee beans, canned foods, flour, rice, and many others.

Stream Peak offers four shipping container desiccants to prevent damage of transports goods and significant economic losses.

Humi Dryer Bag

TheHumi Dryer Bag is a container desiccant bag that contains a toxic-free, natural clay desiccant that is infused with a bit of calcium chloride and has a high vigorous absorption quality over a wide temperature range. The Humi Dryer Bag retains moisture and maintains low humidity levels, absorbing up to 80% of its weight in shipping containers. It absorbs and holds moisture inside the bag as a thick gel that will not turn into water vapour even in high-temperature environments during transit, reducing the risk of potential moisture damage to shipping goods.

Humi Dryer Pole

The Humi Dryer Pole is a container pole desiccant manufactured from polymer gelling agent and calcium chloride designed to prevent condensation on the walls and roof of the container by decreasing the dew point and maintaining a relatively low humidity level. It can be secured either by directly hooking it to the container’s wall ring or simply placing it on the container floor. It is specially designed to fit in-between the grooves of the shipping container walls due to its pole composition, maximising shipping space while protecting cargo from water vapour by allowing moisture to enter the desiccant, where it quickly takes a gel-like structure. Also, its protective packaging inhibits condensation and leakage from temperature changes in the shipping container.

Humi Dryer Strip/Strip Plus

Shipping Container DesiccantsThe Humi Dryer Strip is a non-toxic, natural clay desiccant mixed with a small amount of calcium chloride that works as a dehumidifier and moisture absorber inside the container or packaging. Capable of absorbing water vapour up to 80% of its weight, the Humi Dryer Strip efficiently removes moisture and lowers humidity levels in the shipping container to ensure a dry surrounding environment, protecting goods from potential moisture and humidity damage during transit and storage. The Humi Dryer Strip can either be fixed by attaching it with a hook to hang it or simply placing it in the container.

The Humi Dryer Strip is also available in an upgraded version – the Humi Dryer Strip Plus. The Humi Dryer Strip Plus is a specially formulated desiccant made from a calcium chloride polymer gelling agent. It is designed to inhibit condensation on the container walls and roof by lowering the dew point and reducing the humidity level inside shipping or storage containers, protecting cargo from moisture damage while in shipping. Instead of a moisture absorption capacity of 80% like the Humi Dryer Strip, The Humi Dryer Strip Plus can absorb water vapours up to 280% of its weight, a considerable amount of moisture. The Strip Plus allows moisture to enter the desiccant in which it takes a gel-like form, preventing container rain and assuring a dry container environment for shipping goods.

By using shipping container desiccants, you can enjoy cost-effective moisture protection for goods and cargo in shipping containers, even during long-duration transits. Click here to find out more about what Shipping Container Desiccants Stream Peak has to offer!

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