How to Secure Your Goods?
Published On:October 11, 2018 Revised On:January 27, 2023

How to Secure Your Goods?

Can’t contain that excitement because you just clinched a deal with bulk orders? Are those goods being loaded into the vehicle and ready to be transported?

Think Again. Is Your Cargo Adequately Secured?

More often than not, we assume that our goods are tightly secured as long as they are packed nicely, side by side, and on top of one another. The assumption is a common misconception by many, which can cause dire consequences, such as the massive toppling of goods. This violates customers’ expectations as smooth delivery and safe transportation is given when customers place an order. Besides the financial losses these incidents bring to the company, the loose pieces of cargo can also present a hazard to other motorists and pedestrians when bounced off during transportation.

How to Prevent Such Situations from Happening?

Secure goods

Firstly, find out the root of your problem. Are there void spaces in between your goods? Or do the shapes and sizes of these goods make it difficult for them to stay upright?

Dunnage Bags

Our Dunnage Bags are placed in void spaces between cargos and inflated with air. They help secure and stabilise the goods by preventing the load from moving during transit and absorbing harmful shocks and vibrations.

Strapping Band

Stream Peak’s Strapping Bands or Strapping Belts are used to bundle (or band) items together as one unit or strap an item to a transporting structure such as a pallet.

Lashing Band

Woven Lashing Bands are used to tie bulky goods together and secure them on the carrier. They are alternatives to multi-way straps, wooden crates, binding wires, and sharp-edged steel strapping.

Do not take load securement lightly. Secure your cargos to minimise losses, ensure workers’ and pedestrians’ safety today! Check out Stream Peak’s load securement solutions, and do contact us if you have any enquiries at!