Main Features and Advantages of Composite Belts

Main Features and Advantages of Composite Belts
Published On:July 9, 2021 Revised On:June 6, 2023

When transporting huge bundles of heavy items over long distances, straps will almost certainly be required. Steel, Polypropylene, nylon, and other materials are among the strapping packaging materials available. Depending on the transportation requirement, each strapping material has distinct features that make it more suited than the others. Steel is one of the toughest sorts of strapping material on the market for a robust packaging strap. Steel strapping has its own benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. For example, if left untreated, it has the potential to corrode and discolour cargo. When it recoils from being cut owing to a release of tension, it can potentially inflict injury.

A robust non-metal and safer strapping system would be Composite Strapping. During transportation, the Polyester Composite Strapping Belt can absorb shocks and impacts. It has a high retained tension and is a robust and safe alternative to steel strapping. Made of parallel layers of untwisted, high-tenacity polyester yarns covered in Polypropylene (PP), the unique and patented manufacturing process for these yarns allows the container strap to achieve higher strength, lower elongation, and resistance to most chemical solvents, caustics, and acids.

Composite strapping is commonly used for goods that may expand, settle, or contract during transportation. Specially made for usage on rough environmental materials and sharp edges, the Polyester Composite Strap is optimised to secure the cargo. Composite polyester belts are frequently connected with a wire buckle, and the buckle closes when tension is applied to the strap. They require just a hand tensioning tool and light cutters, making them quicker and more convenient than steel belts. For optimal results, pair composite belts with our Nitrated Wire Buckles.

Uses of Strapping

  • Bundling items together for handling and shipment
  • Fastening items to pallets, skids, and crates
  • Bracing wooden boxes, crates, and corrugated boxes
  • Attaching items to flatcars and semi-trailers
  • Securing bricks, packed glass, and metal pieces in a unit load
  • Closing corrugated boxes and shipping containers
  • Securing coils of steel or paper

Features & Advantages of Composite Strapping

  • Strong – Polyester composite straps have high system strength and are equally as strong as steel belts
  • High Impact Resistance – Polyester composite strapping could absorb impact energy better than steel strips because of its unique properties, elasticity, and recovery after deformation. Polyester composite straps stay tightened due to their exceptional elongation and memory retention characteristics. These properties allow the straps to absorb impact without breaking or losing their load-bearing capacity.
  • High Retained Tension – Polyester composite packs with ultra-high tensile strength can bear tensions of 0.5-8.5 tons and can be used to replace standard steel belts and other straps.
  • Low Investment Costs – Given the hidden expenses of all steel strips, polyester strapping is a particularly cost-effective alternative. The packing tool is an inexpensive tool with minor wear and low maintenance expenses.
  • Safe and No Risk of Injury – The polyester composite strap is light and soft, and it does not require gloves. When removing the straps, it does not bounce, causing harm to both workers and consignees. The utilised tape is also straightforward to handle due to its smooth texture; without sharp corners, the forklift tires will not be harmed during storage.
  • Non-Abrasive – The soft texture of the polyester composite strap protects the product’s surface from scratches and painted surfaces. It does not damage products in transit.
  • No Corrosion and Easy Handling – No splicing, sticking, rusting, and rotting
  • High UV Resistance – Polyester composite straps are weatherproof and ideal for long-term storage. Compared to steel banding, our Polyester Composite Strapping is coated with
  • Polypropylene Coating – Will survive longer in wet situations as the Polypropylene coating allows the composite strap to be used with chemical goods
  • Versatile – Able to use composite strapping in all industries
  • Re-tensional, Shock-absorbent, and Torsion Absorbing

Safety Benefits of Composite Strapping

Polyester has minimal sharp edges in comparison to steel strapping, which makes it safer for users. The dull edges of polyester strapping are gentler on hands and forklift tires, preventing cuts and damage. Steel strapping workers must wear gloves to protect themselves from the risk of injury. Workers can gather the removed polyester strapping by bundling it and disposing of it in the garbage or through closed-loop recycling programs once the strapping has been removed.

Using Polyester Composite Strapping leads to reduced environmental impact. Polyester is produced from raw resin materials throughout the manufacturing process. Polyester composite strapping helps environmentally conscious firms save a significant amount of net energy. The lightweight material of the polyester composite strap also helps to reduce overall load weights. Moving these products from one point to another saves space, time, and fuel. Polyester strapping is a recyclable material that may help you save money on packaging waste and disposal. These cost-cutting measures boost corporate profitability while also lowering environmental impact. This recycled material may subsequently produce post-consumer items, such as new straps, several times.


Polyester Composite Strapping is the following most robust strapping alternative to steel strips. Composite Strapping Belts are specially made for usage on rough environmental materials and sharp edges during transportation. Some of the advantages of using a polyester strap are – versatility and affordability, high retained tension, and impact resistance. Different cargo loads require different sizes of composite straps. Here at Stream Peak, we offer various specifications and colours for our Polyester Composite Straps. For enquiries, do reach out to us at