All About Slip Sheets
Published On:October 19, 2021 Revised On:March 16, 2023

All About Slip Sheets

Slip Sheets are pallet-sized sheets made of plastic, heavy laminated kraft paperboard, or corrugated fiberboard, commonly used in commercial transportation. Slip Sheets are suitable for both domestic and international shippers.  

Slip Sheets are commonly used in place of regular Wooden Pallets. For stability purposes, the unit load is usually stretch-wrapped or shrink-wrapped. Slip sheets are compatible with standard forklifts equipped with Push-Pull attachments, roller forks, and modern conveyor systems.  

Slip Sheets are also environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled cardboard or plastic and have become more popular due to the growing environmental consciousness. Furthermore, due to the high costs of Pallets, an increasing number of businesses are opting for other modes of transportation. 

History of Slip Sheets 

Slip Sheets were first used in the mid-1940s for canned fruits. Companies were concerned that Pallets were taking up too much warehouse space and costs because they had a considerable depth, and Slip Sheets don’t take up as much space. Slip Sheets became more popular over time, and more companies began to use them. People had switched to using Slip Sheets instead of Pallets because Pallets were challenging to maintain and unsanitary. Furthermore, the cost of Pallets was significantly higher.  

Slip Sheets were discovered to have many practical applications in 1991 by a computer company called Micropolis. Micropolis used Slip Sheets in air freight, inspiring many others to do the same. Today, Slip Sheets can be found in various industries and applications ranging from semiconductors to air, sea, and storage.

Slip Sheets vs. Pallets

  Slip Sheets   Pallets  
Thickness   0.6mm – 0.8mm  15cm 
Weight  620gr/m2  15kg 


  • Avoid expensive pallets  
  • Cost of treatment of Wooden Pallets 
  • Return and exchange of the Pallets 
  • Repair and loss of Pallets 
  • Hazardous nails or splinters 
  • Unhygienic Pallets  
  • Administration and circulation control costs  

Benefits of Slip Sheets 

Slip Sheets have numerous benefits over Pallets. These include: 

  • Lower Purchasing Cost  

Slip Sheets provide savings for material costs up to 80% as compared to Wooden Pallets. Slip Sheets can be discarded after each use due to their low price, unlike wooden pallets. Slip Sheets do not need to be tracked or repaired, and it eliminates the need to reimburse customers for returns and repair damaged or lost Pallets. 

  • Maximises Warehouse Space

Slip Sheets require significantly less storage space than Pallets due to their slim nature. Slip Sheets also make full use of the vertical space in the warehouse, allowing more loads to be placed and stacked. With minimum space needed for storage of the sheets, it also helps reduce warehouse costs. 

  • Lower Transportation Cost  

Slip Sheets can help reduce storage space due to their light-weighted design.  More storage space allows for more goods to be loaded while saving money on transportation and air freight. 

  • Hygiene 

Slip Sheets keep the warehouse clean by preventing insect infestation. Slip Sheets have no depth, which reduces the likelihood of pest infestation. Furthermore, because Slip Sheets are discarded after one use, it helps eliminate cross-contamination from other warehouses or previous users. 

  • Environmentally-Friendly 

Slip Sheets are wood-free, reusable, and recyclable, making them a better choice than Wooden Pallets, commonly discarded in landfills. Using environmentally friendly Slip Sheets helps place a part in helping the environment.  

How to use Slip Sheets?  

  1. Place the Slip Sheet on top of a Wooden Pallet. 
  2. Place the items on top of the Wooden Pallet and Slip Sheet. 
  3. Use a regular forklift truck to handle the Pallets inside your warehouse as you have done in the past. 
  4. When transporting the goods in a container or a truck, a special attachment is required to pull the Slip Sheet and load it onto the vehicle. 

Things to Take Note of 

Before converting to Slip Sheets, there are a few things to consider to ensure the smooth loading and shipping of items. 

  • Are Slip Sheets suitable? 

Slip Sheets can be used for most products and almost any type of industry that uses pallets. Furthermore, due to the rapid changes in the market, the demand for Slip Sheets has skyrocketed globally. Slip Sheets are also ideal for exports because they do not require special treatment like wood. 

  • How to handle Slip Sheets? 

Slip Sheets require the usage of a special attachment at both the sending and receiving company. This unique attachment is simple to use and will work with any standard forklift truck. This attachment is cost-effective and worth the investment because it allows you to save money on materials. 


Slip Sheets are an excellent alternative to Pallets. Slip Sheets are not only less expensive, but they are also thinner, lighter, and environmentally friendly. Available in a range of sizes to meet different requirements.  Find out more about Slip Sheets here!