Keeping The Perfect Temperature

Temperature data logger

Goods need to be kept at their optimal temperatures! Just a little hotter or colder, and they can spoil quickly.

However, keeping the perfect temperature is a challenge during transportation! The goods may be stored in ice packs, but negligence and accidents do happen. For example, the air-conditioned truck you booked may have broken down along the way, or your carton might have been left outside a cold room by accident.

Even if the product arrives at its destination in the optimal temperature, there might have been gaps. Because products not kept properly can spoil quickly, consumers may be at risk of receiving defective products, leading to complaints, loss of reputation, or even lawsuits after having food poisoning

How do you ensure a constant optimal temperature then? You can protect yourself from harm by tracking the temperatures throughout the journey. 

There are two ways – Temperature Loggers and Temperature Indicators! This week, we will cover Temperature Loggers. Here’s a quick explanation of the two first – Temperature Loggers are data recorders that provide accurate, time-stamped temperature recordings while Temperature Indicators indicate if the temperature has exceeded set boundaries, with no time-stamp provided.  

Stream Peak carries Temperature Loggers such as Single-Use Loggers, Multi-Use Loggers, and All-in-One Loggers that measure humidity, shock, and tilt as well. Check out this handy info graphic to decide which one is the best choice for you!