What are Gusset Bags?

What are Gusset Bags?
Published On:December 9, 2021 Revised On:June 6, 2023

The packaging industry has evolved from wooden boxes to glass jars, plastic bottles, and Gusset Bags. Plastic has overtaken paper as the most popular packaging material. Almost everything in a supermarket, for example, is wrapped in plastic. Some examples include plastic bottles, jars, and, more recently, plastic Gusset Bags.     

What are Gusset Bags?  

Gusset Bags are commonly used in food packaging and hardware, crafts, and agriculture industries. Gusset Bags are flexible bags with an added piece of fabric called a “Gusset” to expand the bags’ original capacity. Moreover, the Gusset can create more volume and strengthen the bags’ structure. A Gusset Bag’s three basic measurements are its width, height, and bottom Gusset.  

The packaging bags are selected based on the height and weight of the product to be packaged. Usually, the Gusset is added to the side of a bag, known as the Side Gusset Bag, or the bottom of a bag, known as the Bottom Gusset Bag.   

Gusset Bags provides businesses with low-cost wholesale packaging. There are hundreds of Gusset Bags to choose from, such as flat bottom Gussets (stand-alone Gussets), zipper Gussets, compostable, and heavy-duty Gusset Bags. Businesses can select a Gusset Bag best suited for their business needs.  

Common Types of Gusset Bags 

The two most common types of Gusset Bags that can be used are Round Gusset Bags and Side Gusset Bags.  

1. Round Gusset Bags 

Round Gusset Bags are preferred to keep and display products on shelves. They are relatively symmetrical in their structure and are one of the most landfill-friendly, eco-friendly, and cost-effective bags on the market today.   

Round Gusset Bags are a popular option for light products as these products are generally delicate and fragile. Hence, these lightweight products must be packaged in a way that allows them to stand securely without tipping over.  

The packaging bags are shorter in height and similar to smaller like, coffee grounds, loose-leaf tea, and flour. Round Gusset Bags can also be customised to reflect the business’s branding and creative designs. 

Round Gusset Bags are popular as the Gusset Bag’s edge is welded to the side of the supporting laminated layers, strengthening the overall structure of the bag and allowing it to stand upright. 

2. Side Gusset Bags 

Side Gusset Bags contain an extra Gusset attached to both sides of the bag, making it less box-shaped than Bottom Gusset Bags. Though it may not be as visually appealing when displayed on shelves, it offers ample space for highlighting product features and branding purposes. Side Gusset Bags maximise storage capacity as they expand out after being filled. 

The packaging bags are ideal for storing food items like dried fruit and snacks. However, they are the most popular for storing coffee and tea. Hence, Side Gusset Bags are commonly referred to as “Coffee” or “Tea” Bags. 

​Side Gusset Bags are increasingly preferred over other bag options by the food, snack, and other industries. These bags allow for an easy vertical and horizontal display, making them a leading packaging option for shelf display. 

Advantages of Gusset Bags 

Some advantages of Gusset Bags are: 

1. Ability to Stand 

The Bottom Gusset Bag‘s flat surface allows the bag to stand upright without external support. The Gussets are designed so that when products are placed in the bag, most of the product is situated at the bottom of the bag, near the Gusset first. As a result, the bottom of a Gusset Bag is always heavier and has a lower center of gravity, thus allowing the bag to be more stable.  

2. Less Space Occupied 

Gusset Bags take up less space than plastic packaging, plastic jars, and bottles. As a result, more Gusset Bags can be stored on a store shelf. These bags take up less room, making the shelf appear less cluttered. 

3. Easy to Carry Around 

Gusset Bags are easy to carry and move from place to place because they are light. Moreover, the weight of their contents inside is distributed evenly: which is a benefit for both businesses and customers. 

4. Various Types of Gusset Bags  

Gusset Bags are flexible and come in various shapes and sizes, making it convenient and easy to find one that meets the business’s needs. 

Uses of Gusset Bags  

Gusset Bags can be used for various items, but some of a few common usages are: 

1. Packaging for Food 

Food packaging is one of the most common applications for Gusset Bags. Gusset Bags are ideal for bulk candy, nuts, coffee, meat products, and baked goods such as bread, bagels, rolls, cookies, ice. 

2. Packaging of Bulky Items  

Gusset Bags can expand and has a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are an excellent packaging solution for businesses with large, bulky, or odd-shaped products. 

3. Packaging of Loose Items 

Gusset Bags can package multiple loose items together, such as arts and craft supplies, hospital and vet medications, or agricultural items such as grain and feed. 

4. Storing of Items 

Gusset Bags can protect items stored on pallets. Moreover, Gusset Bags are less expensive than pallet tarps, can accommodate large sizes, and provide maximum protection. Gusset Bags can also be used as box liners to keep your products clean and safe. 

Difference Between Bottom Gusset Bags and Side Gusset Bags 

Side Gusset Bags are highly sought after by products such as coffee, tea, and snacks due to their expandable side, which adds volume to the bag and increases its storage capacity. It also allows the bag and product to be displayed vertically and horizontally on the shelf without taking up too much space. 

On the other hand, Bottom Gusset Bags are widely perceived as the most commonly used bag in the food industry. It is divided into three types: Round Bottom, K-seal Bottom, and Plow Bottom Gusset Bags, each of which caters to different customer needs. 

Round Bottom Gussets are commonly used to pack products weighing less than 500 grams, whereas K-seal and Plow Bottom Gussets are commonly used to pack products weighing more than 500 grams. Both the Side and Bottom Gusset Bags are ideal go-to packaging options depending on different products.  


Gusset Bags are versatile bags making them a great packaging option. Additionally, Gusset Bags can be customised to meet specific product needs. A Side Gusset Bag, for example, is the best option for dry foods or snacks. A Bottom Gusset Bag, on the other hand, would be better for coffee or pet food.