Keep Your Fruits Fresh This Festive Season
Published On:April 27, 2018 Revised On:January 11, 2023

Keep Your Fruits Fresh This Festive Season

Ever wondered what causes fruits to turn bad despite packing them nicely in the carton? Or why do fruits spoil so much faster in Singapore as compared to other countries? Ethylene, also known as the aging hormone, is a natural gas released by fruits to aid their ripening process. Despite its benefits, ethylene can cause spoilage among fruits when an excessive amount is being produced – warm climates and stacking of fruits also encourage the release of ethylene gas, resulting in a shorter life span.

EthyleneFun Fact

Oranges are naturally green in colour. However, to make it more appealing, producers placed them in an environment with a controlled amount of ethylene gas during harvesting, which changes the colour of the fruit. This process is also known as degreening. How do you prevent over-ripening and prolong the freshness of your fruits?

Ethylene Absorber

How do Ethylene Absorbers help, you may wonder? The Ethylene Absorber absorbs Ethylene gas from the storage environment, slowing down the ripening process and prolonging the freshness of your fruits. Stream Peak’s Ethylene Absorber – Bi-on’s packaging is made of Tyvek®, a water-resistant high-quality material, making it suitable to be packed in direct contact with fruits. With that, you can rest assured that using Ethylene Absorbers is safe for you and your customers. Not to forget, Ethylene Absorbers can increase the shelf life of your vegetables and flowers too!

Watch this video to learn more about Ethylene Absorbers.