Stream Peak’s Stretch Wrapping Machine is an automatic pallet stretch wrapper that wraps your pallet load safely and securely to ensure smooth delivery. The machine is able to provide a uniform way of wrapping the pallets as compared to manual-wrap stretch films. This would give the wrapping a clean, neat and professional look. 

Using automatic wrapping machine increases the efficiency of the pallet wrapping process for your company. It also reduces film cost throughout its lifespan while ensuring that your product is safe and secure for delivery. 

Featuring an automatic height sensor that will detect how tall your pallet is, the machine will adjust the wrapping height accordingly. It also allows for configurations such as how many rounds of wrapping is required. For example, you can choose to wrap around the pallet with 2 layers of stretch film by simply turning the knob and the machine would do the rest. 

The machine also has a soft start cycle function for light loads. This prevents lighter load pallets from toppling over. 
Should you have any other further requirements for your business, speak to our consultants today! 

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Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine helps improve efficiency and reduce the cost of film through its lifespan. ..


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