A humidity controller is specially designed for artwork, artefacts & cultural assets, Humidity Controller is a moisture sensitive silica material which adsorbs and desorbs moisture to maintain a constant humidity in a sealed environment. Climatic changes in temperature and humidity can degrade pieces of art and historical artefacts over time, causing colour fading, cracking, and deformation. Although air conditioning mitigates the effects of heat and humidity, a stable microclimate is still required to preserve your artworks and artefacts. Humidity Controller minimises the deterioration of fine pieces of art and history from climatic fluctuations, protecting your heritage items for future generations.

Art Sorb Humidity Controller vs Silica Gel 
Ordinary silica desiccants only take in moisture, which might result in an overly dry environment that is not optimal for precious artworks. Able to react fast enough to humidity changes, Humidity Controller provides precise humidity control in environments between 40 – 70% relative humidity.


Humidity Controller can be used in display cases and performs best when it is airtight. When there is a heat source such as a light, use a heat shield to block the light or place the light outside the box. This humidity controller must have adequate contact with air to be effective while being airtight and has to be spread out evenly. It must not be in contact with the artefact. 


Depending on the environment, the longevity of the Humidity Controller is effective for about 5 years. However, it will require humidification during the period. On average, it requires humidification after two to three years, making it a great reusable product. A hygrometer can be used to check for dehumidification. 

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Humidity Controller Art Sorb

Humidity Controller Art Sorb

This desiccant controls relative humidity level around artwork and artefacts to prevent deterioratio..


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